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Value Creation

Silver Standard Investor In People


We became a recognised ‘Investor in People’ as far back as 2002. Through interviews with our people we’ve been re-recognised 3 yearly since. It was 2012 when we hit a new high and met the SILVER Investor in People standard. An accolade rarely bestowed on small companies and a tribute to the Board commitment to do the best for our people. Everyone at Ringley knows we’re on a journey to become a truly 5 star company and if we are to offer a 5 star service, first we must look after our people. We recruit for emotional intelligence and train everyone though attributed peer mentors, job partners and the multi-disciplinary range of professionals we have in-house.

An Employer Of Choice


Our KPI to become an ‘employer of choice’ was spectacularly realised, as the majority of new recruits confirm they chose Ringley after hearing or reading positive opinions about the 'award winning company'.
Here’s some highlights:

  • 79% of our people said 'Ringley injects new ideas to keep relationships fresh'
  • 93% of our people said 'Ringley gives people continuous learning opportunities'
  • 89% of our people said 'Whatever I do in the future Ringley will have left an impression on me'
  • 88% of our people said 'Ringley has made a difference to me as employer'
  • 79% of our people said 'I believe Ringley is managing & improving its impact on the environment'

  • New Jobs For Camden


    We make sure all local people know we’re interested in them, any passer by will know that ‘we’re always looking for good people’ and our careers ladder is prominently displayed too.

    Increasingly we have a waiting list of applicants; for some we’ve started supporting their learning and qualifications whilst they wait 6 months for the next opening.

    Over 50% of our people live locally, within 3 miles. And, we’re committed to try to recruit locally first.

    We have relationships with a number of Camden and Westminster schools regularly supporting youngsters from Westminster City Academy, Acland Burghley School, Quintin Kynaston, The Compton School, Francis Holland Girls School, La Sainte Union, South Camden Community School, St. George’s Catholic School. People who have completed work experience have gone on to internships and apprenticeships. We also support a number of local schools at various careers events.

    Talent Management

    Talent Our success depends on attracting, developing and retaining the best people. We do this by assessing their needs, investing in their development, encouraging diverse talents and open communication as well as ensuring their health, safety and well-being.

    Growing necessitates a flat, dynamic structure: there’s no money for non-customer roles, HR or office Manager managers. So we have created 5 Champion Roles (bit like school prefects) each paid £1,500pa extra:

    1. Records (driving our paperless programme)
    2. Front of house
    3. Office facilities & CSR
    4. On-site quality
    5. Induction
    The scheme has been hugely successful: we have identified people with strategic potential who now deliver above and beyond their role and present at quarterly Board meetings.

    All fee earners and property managers get profit share in their work. This motivates them all to invest in their customer relationships and as skills and experience grow enables them to take on more work and earn more profit share. In addition most roles have performance related pay triggered when targets are hit too. And, everybody gets cash rewards when they generate positive customer comments.

    All our people have job partners to mentor/support each other and share job triumphs and issues on which they need advice. Everyone at Ringley is a 'mystery shopper' for one of our managed block and our mystery shoppers meet twice a year to consider business improvements.

    Equal Opportunities

    Disabled_people It's not just that we offer equal opportunities, we go much further we positively ensure that we do not discriminate on the basis of any irrelevant factors whether this be mobility, learning difficulties, race, religion or ethnicity.

    Positive About People ‘double tick’ award – We received this recognition in 2003 from Jobcentre Plus having demonstrated that we had taken actions to meet five commitments regarding the employment, retention, training and career development of disabled employees.

    Our work with people with disabilities and those with learning difficulties was also recognised when Ringley took Winners of the Remploy Regional Award for Work with Special Needs Employees in 2003 & 2004 as well as the National Award in 2004.

    Leaseholder Campaigning & Championing Key Topics

    Hydepark_flatie Ringley was set up to champion property issues from a consumer perspective, to deliver an understanding of property legislation in a jargon free, accessible to all content.

    The 1993 Act was pivotal. We saw a future where Leaseholders could expect service, not just transactions. We wanted to be 'reassuringly better' and transparent in all our dealings. By 2003 it seemed natural to write up our '100 percent transparency, just ask' as our brand promise. Initially, our mission was 'to become a one stop property shop'. Naturally this required a team of related property professionals. By 2010 we'd achieved this so we re-wrote our vision as 'Good Advice, Great Service, by Brilliant People.... Every Time'.

    Our mascot, 'Flatie' accompanies us at key events to catch attention and to highlight the leaseholders' plight. And, we've given away our Property Manager's knowledge base to all for free.

    Six We have commented on a number of raising issues and have responded to Channel 4 Despatches documentaries such as 'Property Nightmares : the truth about leasehold' (20th August 2012). Ringley is keen to take part in any relevant outgoing discussion: we’ll blog a little or tweet something useful. Read blog on this topic

    Our MD, Mary-Anne Bowring sat for 6 years as a Governor of the Institute of Residential Property Management and is part of the Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network and speaks at events to encourage young people into meaningful work, and was also instrumental in encouraging the Institute of Property Management to build the ‘Property Management Apprenticeship framework’.

    She has been invited to raise questions at Vince Cable’s “Apprenticeship Summit, sat on the PRS Code of Practice working group, and at round table discussions at the government Competition Mergers and Markets investigation into the leasehold sector.

    Mary-Anne was invited to join Notting Hill Housing’s committee to provide scrutiny and insight on how this respected housing provider could improve leaseholder satisfaction.

    You will find Ringley writing letters to the Mayor of London or the Minister for Housing on key topics. Ringley has supported ARMA* in the call for greater regulation of Managing agents and Estate agents. Ringley are not afraid to come forward and call for regulation and voluntary codes to go further, a recent example being: 'Leaseholders let down by new energy code'.

    *ARMA –Association of Residential Managing Agents

    Other topics we’re campaigning for include:

    Open disclosure by Conveyancing Solicitors – education on what a lease is and means
    Increase the powers to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal
    A democratic right to remove a Managing Agent who has been written into the lease
    Extend the HM Land Registry registration requirements relating to Service charge schemes
    Pooled bank accounts must be outlawed
    Simplify the Companies Act for blocks of flats
    Prescribe an example balance sheet for service charge accounts
    Extend the Section 20 statutory leaseholder consultation requirements
    Deal with some key flaws in the 2002 Act Right to Manage legislation
    Make it easier for the 4.5m flat owners to adopt green technologies
    In summary: Further regulation

    Training, Learning And Working With Ringley

    19 For its commitment to further education, training and equal opportunities Ringley is recognised ‘Investors in people’. We’re reassessed every three years and delighted to be able to maintain this accolade for the great care and attention with which we look after our people in helping them develop, improve and gain greater job satisfaction. In 2012 Ringley achieved the Silver standard, a rare event for small companies without large HR departments!

    Apprenticeship Opportunities

    Apprentices Ringley has fully embraced the apprenticeship route for new staff as our MD Mary-Anne Bowring explains: ‘Ringley is an organisation that fundamentally believes in investing in its staff and supporting their progress along the way. Our culture seemed perfectly matched to the apprenticeship ethos and we have embraced this building our own apprenticeships in IT/Social Media, business administration and customer service, finance and property management’.

    Training Contracts

    Education At Ringley, we prefer to support our own people to attain professional qualifications rather than to believe that a university degree delivers candidates a true understanding of property and law in practice. There is no substitute for on the job training and as skills and experience mature, then we believe, true connections are made between academic learning and practical application.

    This is why training contracts are available to support AAT*, ILEX* and RICS* qualification routes.

    * RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
    * AAT – Association of Accounting Technicians
    * ILEX – Institute of Legal Executives