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Solutions for leaseholders

At Ringley we see ourselves as a champion of best practice and enabling leaseholders to become aware of the solutions available to them. We have 3 websites dedicated to leaseholder solutions

Leasehold Guidance Leaseholder support End Managers written into leases
Go here for all your enfranchisement needs
  • lease extensions – extend your lease
  • freehold purchase - buy your freehold
  • absentee freeholder – don’t let a missing freeholder stop you
  • right to manage – the no fault route to manage your block
  • Court Appointed Manager – for when all else fails
Go here for property management for small blocks or estates of houses
  • Free property know how – tools and factsheets
  • No win no fee arrears collection
  • DIY software to manage your block
  • Property Administration – we’ll take care of the demands, banking and accounts as well as companies house whilst you manage the block
Go here to support leaseholders trapped into tri-party leases finding it difficult to end the relationship with their Managing Agent who has been written into the lease.
  • Call upon the government and the big housebuilders to do more.
  • Share your stories.