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A Positive Presence In Camden Town

Ringley_daytime Ringley takes its responsibility to show it is a quality local employer seriously. To support the Diamond Jubilee our HQ proudly raised no less than 18 Union Jack flags.

Passers by will appreciate the trees and troughs we have planted up.

Youngsters will see our careers ladder prominently displayed on our window some 3 metres tall.

Our 10 shop windows showcase a number of awards and business achievements to inspire other local business and small employers. You don’t have to be a large company with big resources to commit to a pursuit of best practices.

Ringley Football Club

Ringley_fc Ringley Football Club is alive and kicking. Kick off is 6pm Monday evenings at Haverstock School in Camden Town. Almost all players are Ringley people with a few friends and family; the youngest player and regular goal scorer, Medi is just 9 years old.

Ringley FC is always pleased to accept challenges from local schools or other office teams. When playing schools our people believe football is a lovely way to show youngsters that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and that choosing a life of work brings a whole new community and some fun too!

Because it's great when you can bring people together outside work to achieve common purpose Ringley’s Chairman agreed to fund the Ringley FC kit and venue hire. Well done Mr Chairman!

A Family Friendly Workplace

3 At Ringley, we believe that any organisation that wants to retain its people and manage talent has to be a family friendly workplace. Specific policies to support our working parents include:

  • 4 evening meetings build up to an extra day off, we call these extra days ‘family days’;
  • working from home is permitted for those who need genuine quiet time for customer strategy;
  • our flexible ‘customer hours’ system makes it possible for people to adjust their working day so they can drop their children off at school themselves;
  • we pay child allowance for any children born whilst our people are at Ringley: £1,000 for the 1st child, £500 each child thereafter;
  • to reward our local workforce who you’ll find walking in when others are stuck by snow we award extra ‘snow days’;
  • a number of our people nervous about coming back to work have been recruited through our ‘work trial programme’
  • currently we are able to support 6 job share roles.

Help with childcare costs

Fideliti As a pro-family organisation, we believe that every little helps, so Ringley is a member of Fideliti childcare voucher scheme and our people can claim Childcare Vouchers which are a tax and national insurance efficient way to help pay towards registered childcare.

Positive About Disabled People

4 We are positive about people with disabilities and believe that people with learning difficulties can excel in the right job. In 2003 Ringley was awarded the employment service ‘double tick award’.

Our work with people with disabilities and those with learning difficulties was also recognised when Ringley took Winners of the Remploy Regional Award for Work with Special Needs Employees in 2003 & 2004 as well as the National Award in 2004.

Education & Youth Development

Apprentices Ringley is engaging with different communities in various ways. At home, in Camden Town, London, NW1, we’re committed to Education and Youth Development. The aim is: sharing knowledge and skills with young people to help them develop and improve their lives.

Part of the Ringley ethos is to create a nurturing working and learning environment in which staff can fulfil their potential while the Company gains from the flexibility needs to adapt to changing times.

We extend this ethos to our interaction with the local community. We support work experience placements with students from local schools. They are encouraged to use the opportunity to develop and hone their ability to positively respond to work situations and not just complete a task but do it well and understand how their work integrates in an overall customer service provision.

Students are placed across the range of departments at Ringley and those who excel in this nurturing environment have go on to enjoy paid holiday work periods at our company.

Under 16´s - 2 week work experience opportunities

6 Ringley supports many local schools and offers Year 11 placements to GCSE students from different background. Typically, our founder MD, Mary-Anne Bowring opens the programme and advises how students can get the most out of their 2 week placement at Ringley. Her passion and absolute belief that determination is the key to success, are infectious. Students are provided a mentor for the fortnight and reminded that they will get out of their placement what they put in. Students are advised to develop their inquisitive skills to not only do the task they are assigned but further more to find out how it fits into the bigger picture. Some students have been offered follow on holiday work (PAID). Placements cover the following disciplines: Finance, Property Management, Customer Services Administration and Legal Services.

Local schools we support include:
College of North West London, Haverstock School, South Camden Community School, Acland Burghley School, La Sainte Union School, The Compton School, St Georges RC School, Westminster City School, Pimlico Academy, Quintin Kynaston, St Marylebone CE School, St Augustine's Gray Coat Hospital School.

if you want us to support your school then contact: careers@ringley.co.uk

16-18 Year Olds - 10 week mentored placements

Westminsteracademy_logo Ringley works with Westminster City Academy and provides internships for 3 students each attending a 10 consecutive weeks placement. These internees are assigned to Ringley´s Service & Operations Manager and get to learn how the development of Ringley´s IT systems is improving its customer delivery and ease of access to information both via Ringley´s websites and internal staff.

Local colleges we support include:
College of North West London, Pimlico Academy, Merton College

if you want us to support your college then contact: careers@ringley.co.uk

Graduates & Undergraduates – Technical Work Placements

8 Graduates interested in Surveying, Property or Law can request a 12 week subsistence based technical work placement at Ringley. Depending on the students background the type of technical support might include: analysis of case law, leases, company structures, auction transactions and property market indicators.Some students had an opportunity to move on to 4-8 week longer assignments shadowing a qualified Solicitor, Chartered Surveyor or Property Manager.

Overseas Students UK Placements

9 Ringley was accepted by UK Placements who have the responsibility of matching overseas students to UK firms for the purposes of
(a) improving their business English and social interaction and
(b) understanding how a UK business operates in their chosen field.
Ringley offers placements to students with IT, Mathematics, Law, Business Studies & MBA backgrounds.

Work With ARMA, RICS, IRPM, Universities

Awards Ringley Managing Director, Mary-Anne Bowring MBEng MRICS MIRPM sits as a Governor on the Institute of Residential Property Management.
Ringley Director, Stephen Gayer FIRPM, MRICS sits as a Governor on the Association of Residential Managing Agents
Ringley is currently involved in a programme with the RICS to change University courses and develop a module on 'Occupier liabilities, commercial & residential'.

Engaging With Social Media

11 Two great examples of opportunities we’ve given our people to mix their work life with social media include:

  • Our song “cool for flats” sung by Ringley Property Manager, Nick Edwards
  • The winning film the "difference between 2 star and 5 star customer service" created (filmed and acted) by Ringley employees in 2012, demonstrates that Ringley people truly know the difference! Ringley produced 5 films on the same subject. It is the audience who decided who the winner was: the clear winner got the longest and loudest applause mixed with whistles and tears of laughter!

To find out about life inside Ringley - check out our facebook page

Our Charities

Wateraid Ringley partners with local and global community organizations by donating money, time and products. Our people are encouraged to do the same and Ringley will match contributions our people raise.

Our primary charity is WaterAid, because without safe water not much else matters!

Ringley's commitment to WaterAid increases each year as we grow because the more customers and service demands we send out, the more people can pay on time; the more we save the more we can and give out. We also liked the idea of creating a moral reason to choose to pay service charges before other less necessary household bills such as Sky TV. Like any holistic Ringley policy we had to re-brand all demands to make sure every Client is aware that by doing nothing more than paying on time they can make a difference.

Wateraid WaterAid is an international non governmental organisation ‘with a mission to transform lives by improving access to save water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities’. Entirely in line with our practical approach to property management, where customers pay their service charges on time the postage/admin costs we save (stamps, envelopes, reminders, final notices…..) in for not having to chase them is donated to WaterAid.

In fact Ringley donates £15 for every 36 clients who pay their service charge bills on time. Ringley also pays the credit card charges for those clients who pay online and add £15 to support WaterAid.

Support For Our People’s Fundraising


No company can force charitable giving or its values on its people or wider society. However we see no reason why a business can't further contribute towards the efforts of like minded individuals. That’s why all Ringley people know that Ringley will match fund money they raise for charity up to £1,000 and sponsor a few local events.

Wateraid 2 In September 2012, 15 of Ringley's people took part in the 'Coast Along Walk 2012' to raise money for WaterAid. A 16 kilometer walk along the coast (Seven Sisters and part of the South Downs Way in Sussex) showed that Ringley enjoys bringing people together inside and outside the work place. The fundraising was greatly supported by Ringley's Chairman and over £2,000.00 was raised in one go. the GB government doubles the amount raised meaning that Ringley's participation helped WaterAid by raising over £4,000.00.

13 Fundraising efforts Ringley has supported include:

  • Mencap;
  • Aid for Japan;
  • Royal Free Children’s Unit;
  • Great Ormond Street;
  • Shelter;
  • Leukaemia;
  • Radiomarathon special needs centre.

For other lower key events why not visit Ringley facebook >>

Mentoring, Public Speaking & Awareness Generation


It's not just Ringley’s MD, Mary-Anne Bowring who speaks at events. Team members such as Lee, Lana and Jasper have all participated by speaking at apprenticeship conventions, local school and university careers events, respectively.

There’s also very few people at Ringley who have not directly mentored a school leaver, intern or work experience person in their time at Ringley.

Mary-Anne Bowring, Ringley Group MD is available to speak on a range of topics including:

  • Leasehold enfranchisement and leasehold reform;
  • Service charge reasonableness and recovery;
  • Right to Manage and the role of Court Appointed Manager as a last resort;
  • Enabling business growth through best practice;
  • How policy and CSR can engage a small business;
  • Building a brand in a small business.

Participation In Industry Reforms


Ringley has been a committed member of ARMA*, the trade body for Residential Managing Agents, since 2003. In an industry which is often much miss-understood our people are fiercely committed to best practices and bringing about change. We believe repairs can be 'value for money' and we advocate total transparency: right down to every invoice we pay which can be seen online, though the Ringley GatewayTM.

Ringley is a true market leader and knows it’s easy to be great at block management with 6-800 flats and one knowledgeable professional; much harder for a whole team to consistently deliver to thousands. It takes a dedication to minutia, audit trail of everything with 100% transparency (it's all on-line) To help customers understand what we do. As a repeat winner of The Times/Sunday Times Best Block Management awards our product is great. T-shirts worn at our Company Day in 2012 said “I’m a Ringley pioneer, my name is in the logo” (all our names were). We’ve bagged a number of innovation awards. Every strategy considers the customer from our money-back-guarantee to the 15,000+ Questionnaires sent out each year asking the ultimate question “how likely would it be for you to recommend Ringley” and “what 1 thing could we do to score higher?” Every respondent is offered a conference call to unpack ideas/resolve any dissatisfaction and get £10 M&S vouchers as a 'Thank you'. We’ve web pages with almost 500 customer comments, case studies, stories and real examples of savings we’ve achieved for Clients too. Recently, we developed a ‘Financial hardship policy’, froze 48 Clients fee reviews and enjoyed writing to them telling them so.

Our MD, Mary-Anne Bowring sits on the ARMA Education Committee, Chairs the IRPM Membership Committee and is an IRPM Board Governor.

* ARMA – Association of Residential Managing Agents
* IRPM – Institute of Residential Property Managers

Promoting Opportunities For Young People


Ringley adopted the Apprenticeships very early. Ringley has long been dissatisfied with the GCSE qualifications and the current standards of Maths and English that the British school system is delivering. So much so, that Ringley as early as 2003 developed its own Maths, English and comprehensions tests which are an essential part of our recruitment.

One nice story that hit the papers was when two local lads battled against each other to become Ringley’s first apprentice in 2010. After a 2 weeks work trial we still couldn’t choose between Jasper and James so our MD (whose mother is a teacher) got hold of an English exam paper. When one scored 65% and the other 67% we were at a loss as to whom to choose. So in true Ringley spirit our MD got networking with other local employers and found the second boy a placement with ‘Grays Inn Estates’, another local firm up the road.

Ringley Group MD, Mary-Anne Bowring comments
“We’re so proud of what Jasper has achieved as our first apprentice and how he has simply inspired us to push for growth and take on 9 more. Jasper is now earning a working wage as a Legal Officer and holds one of Ringley’s 5 Champion Roles. Seeing a young chap still not 20 presenting a strategic paper on the future method of paperflow, storage and planning the time it will take Ringley to become paperless for 5 departments just shows how much ‘young talent’ there is out there to be grown”. In recognition of the work Ringley has put into apprenticeships since, Ringley were invited to COATA*’s inaugural meeting and joined patron HRH Prince Andrew and other distinguished guests. Mary-Anne Bowring is part of the official network of Ambassadors for Apprenticeships and is invited to key events such as Vince Cable’s 'Apprenticeship Summit'.

* COATA – Confederation of Apprenticeship Training Agencies

Giving Back To Community


Ringley recognises that doing something for the community we live in and returning the favour to those who have helped us are strong motivators.

Ringley encourages its staff to take part in various volunteering opportunities (St John’s Ambulance, the Roundhouse, Kick Academy) as an excellent way of gaining new knowledge, improving social connections and obtaining new skills such as coaching, first aid or customer service. Ringley offers free consultations, expert advice, support and special offers schemes for members of non-profit organisations. Rinlgey Legal department offers free first consultation as well as 10% discount on conveyancing fees to NHS staff via the Medic Care programme.