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Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

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Brecon Heights
How did we do it?
We believe in local is often best. It's greener too.

We saved 75% on gardening by re-tenering locally for a gardener/handyman.

Royal York Mansions
How did we do it?
Before going bankrupt the freeholder collected/spent money that couldn’t be accounted for. The building fell into ever greater dis-repair when the official receiver failed to collect service charges or manage the building. The Court appointed Ringley.

Hertford Lock, Bow
How did we do it?
Saved from the fate of Court Appointed Manager. Ringley now sits as Chair to the Board and leads 11 owner Directors. Disputes resolved over car parking policy, sub-letting, applying the lease, noise disturbance and reserves. A new lease has also been drafted.

Howitt Close
How did we do it?
No more Freshwater, no more live in porter/cleaner, no more rip off repairs costs.

Since appointing Ringley typical service charges have decreased from the Freshwater days of £3,644.65 to £1,572. thats a whopping £2,072

Caleum Drive
How did we do it?
We agreed with this Client that other developments in the same road meant a cost saving to us.

We were able to reduce the management fee by 25% over 3 years.

Saxon Hall
How did we do it?
£11,586 saved on the buildings insurance premium.

Quite simply Ringley dont take huge commissions or hype premiums. We prefer to pass savings onto Clients. That way we have more happy Clients.

Goddard Place
How did we do it?
£7,744 insurance saving achieved after we prepared a claims risk reduction proposal. We've also put in place a blockwide programme to re-route 60+ WC overflow pipes which was identified as the most common cause of leaks.

Geneva Court
How did we do it?
£21,204 saved on insurance. Having claimed the right to manage the residents finally could insure. Past poor claims management, claims left open for years were problems. We sped up valid claims, shut spurious claims. Put a proposal together and delivered a result.

Displaying savings 49 - 56 of 56 in total
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