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Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

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Northiam Mgmt
How did we do it?
We collected a premium for the intermediate landlord (our Client) of £3,714.

The previous Agent was not collecting this. Good for the enfranchisee. Bad for our Client who ends up with a duty to pay more ground rent than they collect.

Howitt Close
How did we do it?
We saved 40% on insurance or £5,367.

It is about how you present a case to the insurers and how well they trust you to manage, especially on buildings with lead pipes, flat roofs, down-feed water supplies.

Barton Mill
How did we do it?
Saved £5,800 by instructing an expert to confirm that roof materials did not comply with building regulations.

A risk that had to be taken after both Zurich and the developer said NO.

William Perkin Court/Farthing Ct
How did we do it?
Pipes sunk into concrete floors (no longer permitted by building regulations) left us with an expensive insurance claim. Expert negotiation achieved a committment by the insurer to replace a whole pipe run to reduce future risks of more of the same!

Trinity Close
How did we do it?
The porter was struggling to deliver the vision, the residents vote wanted change. We reviewed the roles and negotiated with the porter to live off site and marginally reduce his hours. Renting the flat will produce income desperately needed to help repair the roof.

Vanbern House
How did we do it?
It took us 4 years to get 75% of owners signed up to a S37 application to vary the lease to get rid of a defective insurance clause. Now the block can buy 1 insurance policy, saving £1,654pa for ever. Previously there were 11 policies and lots of arguments.

Alliance Close, Wembley
How did we do it?
The Housing Association did not want to be part of a voluntary UPVC window replacement project. But they did want the Management Company to redecorate their block. We bought a copy of their transfer and confirmed this to be their liabaility £12,750 saved.

Trinity Close
How did we do it?
This 1930s mansion block was in a sorry state. Years of neglect meant left essential maintenance overdue and the building was grinding to a halt. Projects underway: electrics, lift, roof and garage refurbishments, a new porters station, letting of porters flat.

Displaying savings 41 - 48 of 56 in total
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