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Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

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Hertford Lock, Bow
How did we do it?
Saved from the fate of Court Appointed Manager. Ringley now sits as Chair to the Board and leads 11 owner Directors. Disputes resolved over car parking policy, sub-letting, applying the lease, noise disturbance and reserves. A new lease has also been drafted.

Royal York Mansions
How did we do it?
Before going bankrupt the freeholder collected/spent money that couldn’t be accounted for. The building fell into ever greater dis-repair when the official receiver failed to collect service charges or manage the building. The Court appointed Ringley.

Trinity Close
How did we do it?
This 1930s mansion block was in a sorry state. Years of neglect meant left essential maintenance overdue and the building was grinding to a halt. Projects underway: electrics, lift, roof and garage refurbishments, a new porters station, letting of porters flat.

Cunningham court
How did we do it?
Cunningham court
How did we do it?
After taking this site over from another well known Agent we analysed the service charges paid to the freeholder and brought proceedings on behalf of leaseholders resulting in a settlement under which the freeholder repaid £67,000 in respect of 5 years service charges

Dolphin Yard
How did we do it?
The previous agent had set up the electricity contract for the past 2 years to included 20% VAT. On reviewing handover information, Ringley contacted the previous & current energy suppliers to seek the refund. £850 was returned to the site funds.

St Christopher's Court
How did we do it?
As part of a re-tendering exercise we sought to find a 'local cleaner' to achieve best price. Re-tendering achieved an£850 annual saving.

Brussels Road
How did we do it?
We negotiated away a late filling penalty we inherited on handover from HMRC. The penalty was £ 1200. After number of letters & phone calls we managed to get the fine removed.

Springfield Court
How did we do it?
We appealed a tax return penalty and reduced the amount owed from £1,300 to just £1.20!

Displaying savings 1 - 8 of 56 in total
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