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Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

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For FreeHold & Management Companies

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Brussels Road
How did we do it?
We negotiated away a late filling penalty we inherited on handover from HMRC. The penalty was £ 1200. After number of letters & phone calls we managed to get the fine removed.

How did we do it?
We negotiated away a £510,000 gas bill relying on National Grid failings, a meter change/inadequate readings and dual billing with an nearby block. We argued the supplier had a duty of care not to allow a bill to become unreasonable and to adequately notify charges, both they failed to do.

Springfield Court
How did we do it?
We appealed a tax return penalty and reduced the amount owed from £1,300 to just £1.20!

How did we do it?
The previous Agent fun up a £1,300 HM Revenue & Customs fine, failed to apply for an exemption from filing tax returns and failed to submit returns and failed disclose or transfer tax office records on handover. Ringley lodged an appeal and got the fine reduced to £1.20.

Limington court
How did we do it?
Defective lease drafting led to 7 Flats who were wrongly legally obliged to contribute to a lift when they lived in a block with no lift. Ringley took a lease variation case to the Tribunal using Section 37 of the 1987 Landlord & Tenant Act to get the leases varied.

Kendal, Purfleet
How did we do it?
Since having captured critical details of every building age/construction date, size, type of windows and location we have been able to run some initial due diligence to see which blocks might be over or under insured. This block appeared a possible for over insurance, so we re-valued saving £6,700.

Haverstock Hill
How did we do it?
Water ingress led the Basement Flat's floor to collapse. As the cause of the collapse could not be easily identifiable our client, agreed to investigate. An independent survey confirmed the Ringley surveyor's opinion that a drainage channel under the conservatory had caused water to enter the space under the floor. As the conservatory is not the responsibility of Management Company we saved our client and other Leaseholders £1,614 in professional fees.

Mundania Court
How did we do it?
This collective enfranchisement group had all but given up hope. Then they met Ringley. Ringley led them to save £374,000 and get them the freehold saving them £569,000 against the Freeholders Notice and £374,000 against the best their previous Solicitor and Valuer could manage. The issue boiled down to the value of 4 telecoms masts. Ringley put together a case based on the diminishing long term value of roof masts due to mergers and reducing space requirements.

Displaying savings 1 - 8 of 27 in total
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