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Thank you so much. You are a star Leah.

Miss Y - 0547S - River Heights (762)

Brilliant; the old sort code worked! Thanks Alex, much appreciated. Send on my regards to Lee, he's a helpful chap, just like you.

Mr D - Solicitors (761)

I want to take this opportunity to thank Karen for her support. Karen is a credit to your business. She dealt with the situation in a sympathetic and professional manner. I am very grateful for the support and guidance she provided.

Mr C - 0458S - Geneva Court (760)

I want to take this opportunity to thank Karen for her support in a very difficult time. She is a credit to your business. I am fully aware that you need your flat owners to pay their service charge on time. Karen dealt with the situation in a sympathetic and professional manner. I am very grateful for the support and guidance she provided.

Ms C - 0458S - Geneva Court (759)

Kim, thank you for the diligent way you have handled our affairs here at Avante Court. You have brought a degree of calm and a steady hand which has helped us to keep an even keel over the last 18 months.

Mr L - 0475S - Avante Court (758)

Can we say Kim Rutter had the patience of a saint.

Ms T - 0406S - Vectis Way, Cosham, Portsmouth (757)

You're a star! Thanks a lot for your help.

Mr G - 0327S - The Edens (756)

So nice having a chat, joke and speaking to someone who is so friendly and helpful.

Mrs C - 0547S - River Heights (754)

Thank you so much for all your efforts. I am so pleased. I hope Ringley appreciate just what an amazing employee they have in you. Such professionalism and understanding are rare these days. Thank you so much again.

Ms P - 0502S - East India Way (755)

Hi Dilber, Just wanted to thank you again for all your help this morning. It was a real pleasure to have met you. You were professional and caring about our concerns. Once again, thank you for being a first class representative for Ringley.

Ms M - 0502S - East India Way (752)

The scaffolding came down last week and the building now looks very good. The team did a really good job and thanks to all involved at Ringley.

Ms S - 0627S - Highgate West Hill No. 24 (751)

I have noticed a massive improvement in the way the site has been looked after. I feel Ringley as the Managing Agent have showed a lot more care for Carter Court and issues have been dealt with in a much speedier manner.

Mrs A - 0004S - 1-8 @ 77 Carter Lane & 1-4 Carter Court (750)

Thank you for your help, may I also say what lovely service you have provided.

Mr A - 0285S - Eccleston Road (753)

Thank you for your help, may I also say what lovely service you have provided. So professional, so impressed. Thank you.

Mr A - 0285S - Eccleston Road (749)

Dear Leah, Thank you for your reassuring voice on the other end of the phone last night about the car stuck in the parking lift. It was great to have 'met' you and I appreciated that you were available to Boka and able to talk us through the system which was still new to me. Thank you again for your efforts to help look after our homes - I can appreciate it is not an easy task to manage such a building, especially a new build nearing handover.

Ms L - 0547S - River Heights (748)

Dear Jean, I want to thank you for all the empathy, support and understanding. I took great comfort from the fact that you made yourself available. What an amazing employee you are.

Mr R - 0297S - Hertford Lock, Bow (747)

Hi Jean, Thank you for your response. I am over the moon that the pathway has now been fixed!! Thank you so much.

Ms H - 0568S - Evron Wharf (746)

I'm happy with valuations provided. I forwarded to my colleagues who were initially unconvinced as they contracted with another valuation firm. However, you have demonstrated that you are on the button as a local agent.

Ms Constance - Lamble & Kiln Place (743)

Good Afternoon Dilber, I would just like to say that I was impressed by the response and service I received from you today. When I called you today on the emergency number you did what you said you would do and you exceeded my expectation so thank you. I think you are an excellent Property Manager.

Mr T - 0527S - Carter House SW11 2BF (745)

This is amazing follow up Ringley. Thank you for your attention given to the residents under your management. (Advice information given to clients following the fire at Grenfell Tower).

Ms L - 0496S - 42-46 Randolph Avenue (741)

Thank you for your prompt and informative response. We are in the hands of a Property Manager who is prepared to act in line with the excessive service charges and get things done.

Mr B - 0502S - East India Way (739)

I just wanted to briefly mention the fantastic customer service I have received from Brian (Property Manager) at Pilgrim House and The Meads. I have been in the industry and deal with a lot building managers. I must say Brian has always dealt with issues in a swift and professional manner including returning phone calls and responding to email. He is an asset to your organisation and I am delighted to work with him.

Mr P - 0305S - The Meads (742)

I am the landlord of a property at The Maltings in Romford, Essex and would like to say thank you to Mitun for all his help since he became the property manager for this property. He always responds to queries and sorts things out.

Mr R - 0024S - Maltings (The) (738)

We hope that we can keep Miroslav, who has been great! (We re-organised the property portfolios of Property Managers and a client was delighted with how Miroslav is managing the site).

Mr C - 0372S - Caversham Road (59) (737)

In relation to the survey, I found his work very accurate when comparing with the quotes we received of builders.

Mr R - 0627S - Highgate West Hill No. 24 (734)

I'm one the residents and directors. I wanted to drop a quick line to say how impressed I was with the actions of our new property manager, Brian McKarkiel-Powell. He dealt with a power outage we experienced this week swiftly and professionally. Exactly the sort of service myself and the other directors expect. A great start, long may it continue!

Mr B - 0170S - Stanhope Court (733)

You are truly brilliant.

Ms M - 0474S - Royal York Mansions (729)

Feb 27, 2017 at 10:10 AM Hi Maryanne and Jane; My name is E******* and I am director at ***** Studios. Simon Edwards is our former property manager, and he was replaced Brian McKarkiel-Powell. I have only compliments for Simon, he was a great fit for us and he worked incredibly hard managing our property. It was a shame to see him go. However, I wanted to let you know that Brian is doing a very good job so far. He is amiable and clearly committed to providing the best service possible to us. He was confident at our AGM and has been quick to follow up on the questions and actions which have arisen post-AGM. We look forward to continuing to work with him and I have no doubt that he will quickly learn the nuances connected with working with our property and its owners. Thanks so much for sending him our way. Best wishes, E********

Ms C - 0477S - Fawe Street (728)

Dear David, It was very nice to meet you at our AGM at Ringley's office last week. I think that you and Leah made a very good and professional impression on all participating shareholders from 29 Gloucester Crescent and we feel confident that with your contribution and dedicated support we will now be able to administrate and maintain our property to the benefit of all people living in the house in a much better way.

Mr B - 0637S - 29 Gloucester Crescent (736)

Just to let you know that we managed to pick up the key from the delivery sorting office. Thank you so much for sorting this out as the only access for me would be via the back door through the communal gardens. Also, please can you let your Manager know that we are very grateful to you for processing and turning this around so fast.

Mr S - 0502S - East India Way (730)

Hi jean Just to say thank you for all the effort you're putting in - that meeting was amazingly well organised and very efficient. *****

Ms G - 0297S - Hertford Lock, Bow (727)

Dear Viragi, Many thanks for your email, and for applying the due credit so swiftly and so efficiently, and sending the statement. Both you and Briam, whom I have also thanked, have been very helpful. Much appreciated by my wife and myself.

Mr T - 221 Randolph Avenue (726)

I live at ***** Court, **** Lane, ******** and in the 4 years. I know we are quick enough to complain but don't often give credit for really good customer service. Brian is an asset to your company-he is really polite, calm and does what he says he will do promptly and gives updates. I recently had a problem with noise from the neighbours and he has managed to sort it out for not only me, but the other neighbours. He has also kept us up to date on the new gates which have been in discussion for ages now. You can also have a joke with him which I, personally, appreciate. Best regards Mr Y

Mr Y - 0305S - The Meads (725)

Wow thank you Maris, I'm so impressed, brilliant customer service as always. Really appreciate it. best wishes *****

Ms P - 0597S - Tissiman Court (724)

I just wanted to personally thank you for all your work this year.

Mr R - 0033S - Chaucer Place (723)

Kim, I know we have sent you a thank you card from us Directors, here at *****. However I wanted to thank you personally for the dedicated way you have tackled the long list of items needing attention - from the time you took over last December. Many will not be aware of the actions taken nor the problems associated with some of them. I think we have come through the fog and can now see our way more clearly. Thanks again - and look forward to working with you in 2017.

Mr L - 0475S - Avante Court (717)

Many thanks and just wanted to say that your help was really appreciated! (Helping with the budget).

Ms F - 8038S - HARWOOD ROAD (721)

One of our Property Managers impressed a client to such a degree, that he made a point of calling our MD to make sure that she knew how pleased he was with the service provided by the Manager.

Mr H - 0305S - The Meads (716)

Leo has chased our debtors fantastically, resulting in a rapid reduction in the arrears on our block. He went above and beyond the call of duty in this work and we are now reaping the results. In excess of £129,000 recovered in Autumn 2016 almost 50% of the long term debt inherited on this site including 2 seriously old debts at over £35K and £45K respectively.

Stourcliffe RTM Company Limited - 0544S - Stourcliffe Close (713)

Thanks for being efficient. (Arranging repairs and providing a timescale).

Ms H - 0263S - Aspen Green (711)

Thanks for being efficient. (Arranging repairs and providing a timescale).

Ms H - 0263S - Aspen Green (712)

Well done for taking care of this :) (Repair to front door, which was not locking).

Mr K - 0548S - Burnt Oak Broadway (710)

I am writing to give feedback on Karen's help in explaining and my bills, organising regular Direct Debits and sending me updates with changes to the amounts due. I have been able to be in e-mail contact with Karen who has been extremely clear, concise, efficient & responsive - which I'm extremely grateful for! She is superb in cutting to the chase & clarifying the key details for me.

Ms T - 0516S - Eldon Court, NW6 (709)

I am very happy with how the development is kept, the level of cleanliness is excellent and the gardens are beautiful. It is a pleasure to live there.

Ms C - 0548S - Burnt Oak Broadway (720)

Thank you for your assistance in this matter (receipt of the management pack) and in particular thanks to Alex, Reuben and Jessica.

Solicitors - 0425S - Charter Place 1-14 Sanders Place (719)

The process has been well coordinated. (In relation to the Accounts).

Mr B - 0516S - Eldon Court, NW6 (706)

Thanks Leo, Board is very pleased with the results, the best ever [arrears recovery] ... in any year.

Mr B - 0459S - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (705)

Just want to record my gratitude for the swift, competent and efficient service on this assignment, that I am now beginning to become accustomed to receive from you on behalf of Ringley Legal.

P Harvey - Lady Margaret Road (702)

'I have now worked with Lee for more than a year and a half and he has personally represented both blocks of 25 residents. I found him dependable, reliable, hard-working, very helpful, knowledgeable and always extremely professional. He works though problems methodically and sets the process out clearly for anyone to understand. With Lee's help we have created history as this type of case has never been taken against the particular housing association. If only more residents knew how easy this can be with the right people on board. We are now managing our own blocks and we are in the process of buying the freehold. We are all so happy. Thanks Lee and thanks Ringley'

Mr G - 0609S - Satin Court RTM (701)

Hi Mitun, I would like to thank you for all your work on behalf of the estate over the last few years. It has been really helpful to have someone who knows the estate, the leaseholders and the residents well.

Ms A - 0211S - Butterfly Court (696)

Dear Leah Thank you for your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for everything, even the on-site caretaker has been a great help.

Estate Agency - 0544S - Stourcliffe Close (695)

Rami is proactive and knows his stuff.

Mr F - 0289S - Grange (The) 264 London Road, St Albans (718)

Jean is awesomely professional, friendly and excellent. Wow! (The site had no directors. Some owners requested additional gardening work, which was needed. Wanting to be fair, Jean consulted all owners in relation to proceeding with this work. A majority decision was received to proceed with the works, but less than 50% of owners had voted. Jean emailed owners informing them that we would instruct the gardener to carry out the additional work - but following a response from owners, decided to delay the work, but the gardener advised that if the work wasn't carried out by the end of the month then it would take approximately 6 months before carrying out the works. Therefore Jean instructed the gardener to proceed and informed owners about the problem in delaying the works and that the work fell within the year's budget).


Thank you for your prompt and informative reply. You were prepared to tackle some of the many issues on East India Way.

Mr D - 0502S - East India Way (722)

This week Alex has been impeccably courteous, helpful and efficient in dealing with the matter of the Licence to Alter and in his communications with us, and this is much appreciated. It is only fair to place this on the record.

Mr T - 0467S - 221 Randolph Avenue (694)

I am so grateful for your help, thank you.

Mr B - 0230S - Millharbour, E14 (ends 17/10/2016) (704)

Alex, due to your kindness and helpfulness from Jess on the telephone this morning, and Clovelly Management, I might make the deadline from the Land Registry.

Ms J - 0435S - Drayton Garden Village (693)

Jonathan, thank you very much for arranging for Alex to come around. He is a gentleman and helped shed light on the matter.

Mr B - 0543S - Greenwich Square (691)

Hi Jean, A quick email to say thank you to you and the communications team for the quality of communications to our estate, as demonstrated by the email. It's perfect. (In relation to a site visit notification email).


This is just to thank you for running the meeting last night extremely well. You managed our moans and groans and matters we needed to tell you about very good. You were good listeners. I have always found you helpful

Ms B - 0303S - Swale Park (689)

Simon Edward was so helpful in explaining various issues related to Ringley Management of Nova and Service Charge. Everything is available on Ringley Gateway...excellent web site.

Mr P - 0562S - Nova, Slough (692)

Dear Simon, Just wanted to send you a note of thanks and support for all of your help. I thought you ran the AGM very well and very professionally, and thought the outcome was very fair. (Following an Annual General Meeting).

Ms B - 0553S - Haverstock Hill No 52/54 (699)

Hi Violeta, I just want to thank you for all you are doing, it's great to see things being done at the development and to receive regular updates from yourself regarding the work that needs doing. Thank you.

Mr B - 0484S - Hawkins Wharf Block A, B, D (687)

Hi Kumari, Thank you. Very efficient. (In relation to financial queries).

Mr P - 0541S - Walters Slade Court (700)

Dear Simon, Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us last week and for staying late to do so. The meeting was really helpful. Thanks again for all of your help - I feel much more hopeful about getting the building in better shape with you on board. (Following an Annual General Meeting).

Ms B - 0553S - Haverstock Hill No 52/54 (698)

Thank you for your whole hard work on this website. Our daughter is without a doubt becoming educated a lot...... You're the one carrying out a tremendous job

Kate - 0000S - DEMO BLOCK (676)

It was a pleasure to meet you in person yesterday at the Kenwood Court meeting. You seem to be very considerate, understanding and down to earth. Whenever you visit the premises do drop by for a cup of tea please. Wishing you the very best.

Ms S - 0581S - 50 flats @ Kenwood Court (678)

James & Simon- Once again we would like to Thank you for taking this responsibility on at such short notice and for your great efforts the last 2 days in helping us plan and start putting measures in place to improve the security of Brecon Lodge once and for all.

Mr P - 0435S - Drayton Garden Village (677)

You're a star! (Helping with a service charge query).

Managing Agent - 0258S - New Mercia (Walsworth Road) (685)

Thank you for arranging the introduction of parking permits. The parking issues have improved in the last three weeks since the new scheme was implemented. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Ms C - 0435S - Drayton Garden Village (731)

I have always found you to be responsive and helpful (and the estate management to be of overall excellent quality).

Ms A - 0033S - Chaucer Place (679)

Natalia was forthcoming and very helpful.

Mrs P - 0516S - Eldon Court, NW6 (680)

One of our buildings suffered with stiflingly warm common parts due to a lack of ventilation. The initial solution put forward was very costly so one of the surveyors in our building engineering team thought outside of the box and came up with a much more cost effective solution which has solved the problem.

Ms T - 0230S - Millharbour, E14 (675)

Following a £2.8M court case over overheating to the communal areas, Ringley's Building Engineering Team came up with a solution. Here is what an owner said: I am very happy with building cooling and more pleasant smell. It works - thank you Alex!

Ms Taylor - 0230S - Millharbour, E14 (672)

Alex in your legal department stands out ..... with full, immediate and detailed responses and actions always completed as promised.

Sydmons Court Residents Association - 0470S - Sydmons Court (671)

I very much appreciated the new Common Parts rules early in the year, from Simon, which was firm but friendly. Well done Ringley.

Ms T - 0526S - Belsize Park Gardens No. 29 (683)

Dear Mary Anne, I thought I ought to write and say what a breath of fresh air Simon Edwards is. Not only does he respond to emails in a timely manner, he also replies to messages left on his phone and does exactly what he says he will do. If he cannot do something or does not understand (service charge complications) he merely says so or asks for a full, from the beginning, explanation. Hope all goes well.

Mr B - 0500S - Riverside Plaza (682)

Kate, what Ringley would do without you is beyond me!

Ms B - 0484S - Hawkins Wharf Block A, B, D (681)

The Receptionist (Natalia) yesterday was wonderful. Just to let you know, she's really brilliant. You're lucky to have people like that I think.

Managing Agent - N/A (684)

Thanks for getting rid of the items I left in the bin area. I was away this weekend and when I returned yesterday they were gone, which I assume was down to you, which I greatly appreciate.

Mr J - 0351S - Barrhill Court (670)

Hi Mark, We exchange contracts today & complete on the 19th of June. I wish to thank you for all your help & support throughout our time at the property & whilst in Australia. You are without doubt the most efficient & responsive site manager we have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

Mr C - 0299S - Mayfield Grange (669)

Lisa, Thank you for stepping in and assisting so efficiently on your return from maternity leave. Your approach and direct grasp has been refreshing and appreciated.

Mr L - 0475s - Avante Court (660)

Thank very much for your support, all is done. (Helping to get legal-related information as the Legal Officer was on annual leave).

Mr N - 0207S - Sutherland Ave 166 (658)

Thanks Lisa. It was nice to meet you earlier. Thank you for being so proactive in your new role. Have a good weekend.

Ms I - 0326S - St Matthews Row (659)

Hi Mark, I just want to thank you for all the efforts and being pro-active for helping me to resolve and prevent further leakage problems at the apartments in Goddard Place.

Mr P - 0462s - Goddard Place (657)

Thank you Girish for acting with urgency. (This was in relation to a leak).

Mr M - 0457S - Saxon Hall (664)

This explanation you've given me is very clear.

Mr S - 0582S - Fortess Road No12 (667)

Thank you for all your help. (Direct Debit query).

Mrs R - 0408S - Matcham Place (668)

My Husband said you are extremely helpful and a very knowledgeable lady. Some people haven't got a clue about running a block or anything like that and they just don't understand the paperwork and things involved and your company do an amazing job. Since we took you on, we've never had a problem with the site and never looked back and you've been a fantastic company. I'm not surprised that you've won all these awards because you've been brilliant.

Ms C - 0044S - Alexander House (Buchanan Close) (661)

Debra, I wish to say a very big 'thank you' to you.

Mr C - 0516s - Eldon Court, NW6 (656)

Hi Girish, Thank you for your email and for your clear and helpful explanation. I had already spoken to Kwame who was most helpful. (Direct Debit query).

Mr B - 0502S - East India Way (662)

Hi Darren, Just wanted to let you know that Lisa is a wonderful and efficient breath of fresh air.

Mr B - 0407S - Buckland Crescent (663)

I would like to thank you for all your help with this procedure both the freehold and leasehold. You have been very patient with us and have responded quickly and promptly all the time. If I hear of anyone who is undertaking this procedure I will not hesitate to highly recommend you and your firm. If there are any problems please let me know. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Mr J - Freehold Purchase (665)

Thanks for your fantastic service!

Mr M - 0124S - Wandle River Bank (666)

If I need to recommend a letting management company then I will certainly put your names forward.

Ms W - 0569s - One Eighty - Stratford (Athena, Aphrodite and Apollo) (655)

Priya, thanks for getting back to me promptly. My experience with Ringley and Outlook Property has been far more professional compared to that of other letting agencies/landlords I have used in the past.

Mr H - 0569s - One Eighty - Stratford (Athena, Aphrodite and Apollo) (654)

Lee [...] always advised us with the most incredible speed and quality.

Mr C - 0492s - THE WOODLANDS (CLAPHAM) (653)

You have done a lot in the short time in getting to grips with our account. Thanks for all your efforts.

Mr G - 0500s - RIVERSIDE PLAZA (652)

Thanks so much for all your help. Your firm is the most professional I have dealt with!

Solicitors - 0558s - Tower View, St Katheryne's Dock (651)

'Lee Harle answered all my queries and dealt with my lease extension very professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Mr B, Coolhurst Road'

Mr B - 0499s - Coolhurst Road No. 38 (650)

'Thanks Lee [...]. Many thanks for your patient support and guidance throughout this long process.'

Mr F - In relation to completion (647)

The relationship we have with you is of the highest quality in terms of service and speed in replying (exceptional for lawyers I must say).

Mr C - 0492s - THE WOODLANDS (CLAPHAM) (649)

Lee handled out recent freehold purchase and we were very impressed with the service he offered. He explained everything clearly, his fees were clear, and he was always responsive. We would be happy to recommend him and would use him again in the future.

Ms C - Freehold Purchase (614)

I have always found Alex approachable and helpful in finding a solution when a problem arises. For a client the best relationship you can have is one that is open, honest and flexible and I have always found this with Alex.

Mr C - 0289S - Grange (The) 264 London Road, St Albans (611)

Alex is always quick to respond to any query I may have but most importantly, he has ensured that the process of registering transfers on behalf of both the Landlord and Management Company is running smoothly. It is to both the Landlord’s and the Management Company’s benefit that we and Ringley work well together to achieve our aims and Alex is certainly helping to ensure that this is happening and that solicitors / leaseholders are receiving the correct information. Alex is a pleasure to work with and I only wish that all the legal teams of the management companies that I deal with were as efficient and pro-active as Alex is.

Regent Property Management Ltd - Regent Property Management Ltd (612)

We can rely on the service of Ringley Legal. Alex provides a good, reliable, responsive and personal service to us.

Mr G - 0500s - RIVERSIDE PLAZA (613)

Since your firm has taken over, rents have risen and Geneva Court is a likable rentable property. Under your predecessors the rents were falling, and the block very nearly turned into a ghetto block. Thank God this was averted by Ringley. This fact alone speaks for itself that the previous Managing Agent wasn't doing the required job. Otherwise rents would not have fallen.

Mr H - 0458s - Geneva Court (648)

The work requiring the suspension of the parking is complete. I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for your assistance at such short notice and to thank all the residence that were patient with us in completing the work.

Mr B - 0398S - Andersens Wharf E14 (642)

Girish is reliable. He helped us to progress with the repair works to my apartment from the damage caused from Flat 8.

Mr M - 0457s - Saxon Hall (644)

Thanks for that update and info. Appreciate it. (Instructing a contractor to attend in relation to a drainage issue).

Mr M - 0460s - Trinity Close (637)

Many Thanks for your quick thoughts and help in this matter. It really is appreciated.

Mr B - 0398S - Andersens Wharf E14 (636)

I want to register that dealing with Ringley at our end has been good. Don't know how others feel, but given experience with others, they've been good for us.

Mr K - 0299S - Mayfield Grange (623)

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your prompt response in handling our property issues.

Mr A - 0446S - Veritas, Cromwell Road (622)

Brilliant. Thank you and...BIG THANKS for everything too. Merry Christmas! Very best wishes, I will certainly recommend you

Ms S - Braybrooke Freehold Company LTD (610)

Thanks again for all your help, you have been brilliant - we really thought with the freehold purchase and DoV it would be us holding up the chain but turns out we have been ready and waiting and the buyers are the ones being slow!

Ms C - Manstone Road (609)

Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the estate this year.

Ms A - 0211S - Butterfly Court (619)

Just to let you know I've spoken to my tenant and he's made access arrangements with the contractor so that the job can be done. Thank you so much for sorting this out for me and not charging. I really appreciate your help - an excellent example of customer service!!

Ms M - 0153S - Friars Close - (Griggs Place) (618)

Hi James, yes it was a lot of man and project management but we got there in the end. I must also thank you for being so responsive and the concierge team at Ringley for their support which has been excellent.

Mr C - 0230S - Millharbour, E14 (629)

That’s very good news about coming in under budget for the redecoration – thank you. There were some positive comments about the quality of the redecoration at the meeting and I know this was also due to your efforts, a point that we recognised in the directors’ report. (The previous redecoration cycles were poorly managed and poorly carried out by the previous managing agents and the directors of this site have recognised the improvement this time round).

Mrs C - 0459s - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (628)

I am writing to thank you most warmly for looking after us so well yesterday and acting so promptly. The contractor went to obtain a spare part and then waited for us to return from our engagement. He went on to make sure the new TV set was properly installed and working well. The Caretaker was also a great help. To have Ringley managing the estate is re-assuring.

Mr H - 0459s - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (627)

We have solved the problem, thank goodness, as it has been a very stressful week. Many thanks to all involved and for your co operation. It would have been very difficult to trace the problem without your help. (In relation to a leak).

Mrs J - 0527s - Carter House SW11 2BF (615)

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you Mark (and customer care!) for helping out with the requests to keep bins off the footway here. The neighbours are now keeping them in their garden. I especially appreciate it as I know it may have seemed a rather trivial matter. Thanks again for your patience.

Mr W - 0456s - The Northiam Estate E9 (625)

Hi Girish, thanks for getting this resolved.

Mr G - 8035S - Churchfield Road (646)

Ringley provide good communication and interaction on problems.

Mr H - 0462s - Goddard Place (645)

It's good to be working with you.

Mr C - 0472s - Milborne Mews (639)

Thank you for your very prompt action regarding this matter.

Mr W - 0386S - Anabelle Court, Slade Hill Management Limited (640)

I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you put into the AGM yesterday. I think you handled what were at times a rowdy and difficult crowd, excellently. I got the impression that your input and experience are highly valued by everyone in the building, and whilst I can imagine it isn’t easy at times - it is appreciated.

Mr L - 0230S - Millharbour, E14 (620)

Many thanks Shannan for your help today with the direct debit issue I had, I appreciate all that you have done so efficiently.

Mrs K - 0404S - The Limes (617)

Thank you so much you have been so helpful. (This is in relation to arranging a fob).

Ms E - 0174S - Fontaine Court (630)

Good work to whoever identified these. (Information sent out following a Site Visit).

Mr R - 0379S - Wren View (641)

I have just read ur email and would like to say well done and thank you. I'm very impressed with your role. You are dealing with all the correct issues that we owners wanted sorted out. Please keep up the excellent work you are doing for us.

Ms A - 0189S - William Perkin Court (634)

Great news, the fobs are purchased and on their way and the tenant will be picking up the other keys tomorrow. Thank you for such speedy help today, I am so relieved to have it sorted.

Ms R - 0250S - Freeman Ct (Woodgrange Dr) (633)

The gardeners were here yesterday and have done a good job tidying up the areas I mentioned, so just to say thank you for bringing it to their attention. Hopefully, they’ll keep an eye on things in future.

Mrs S - 0459s - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (626)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Girish for being very professional and helpful during our phone call today, it was nice to speak to a professional employee who understood my frustrations and was willing to help.

Ms H - 0518s - Vicarage Road Watford Management Company Limited (624)

Many thanks for your help with this statement, I really appreciate your time and commitment here.

Mr N - 0230S - Millharbour, E14 (621)

Thank you for keeping us informed re the car park gates and any other maintenance issues that are ongoing. Ringley is doing a fantastic job at keeping the block nice and it has increased the value of all of the properties within the block.

Mr W - 0458s - Geneva Court (608)

Ringley and Property Manager Mark went above and beyond the call of duty to provide all the answers needed and more and swiftly too. (This was in relation to pre-purchase questions).

Mr S - 0462s - Goddard Place (607)

Thanks for your time on Thursday Mary-Anne. It was most helpful and has moved us forward many steps.

Mr C - 0529s - 11 units @ Amersham House (606)

Dear Martyna, Thank you for your response. It has been a pleasure to work with you. We received a letter today to say we have got permission to alter so many thanks for your effort in sorting and speeding it up. I am extremely happy to think I am doing business with Ringley if they have people like you working for them.

Ms M - 0412s - Howitt Close (605)

I appreciated your attention and help with this. Again, thank you for your assistance with this.

Mr S - 0340S - Barker Drive (632)

I am very pleased to receive this email. I hope my neighbour will read it carefully and stop playing loud electronic music. Thanks for your efforts in making the site a better place to live in.

Ms N - 0047S - Vanbern House, 83/85 Prince of Wales Rd (631)

Congratulations! I was very pleased to receive this news. Thanks for all your work on making the redecoration happen.

Ms F - 0280S - Kamen House (643)

Many thanks Girish - you have saved the day!

Company That Places Interns - Not related to a specific site (604)

Hey Angela, I know you get a lot of emails with requests. Just wanted to say good work on this one and the communication. Have a nice weekend. (This was in relation to an updates email).

Mr G - Drayton Garden Village (603)

Years ago (2010), after making your acquaintance, you helped me get my lease extended. I have always been impressed that you understand leases. I know you understand leases, as I say, better than anyone else I've ever come across.

Ms M - Lease Extension Query (602)

Dear Simon, I have found you to be the best and most efficient Managing Agent by far that I have had dealings with. I am prepared to write to anyone to re-iterate this.

Mr P - Westbourne Terrace 46-48 (601)

This is just to let you know what excellent service I received today from Leah. She was terrific in dealing with our aerial problem and also excellent on follow up communication.


Hi Shannan, Thank you very much for the quick service. It was delightful talking to you.

Ms W - Avante Court (599)

Katie, Many thanks for resolving this for me, it's great to know that there are people who can be relied on and take things on board.

Ms A - The Meads (598)

Dear All, For the sake of completeness and fairness may I just congratulate Ringley with regard to the estate cleanliness and the gardening. Since the new contractors have been present the place is looking very good and they are doing a fantastic job. Credit where it's due, Ringley have pulled it out of the bag.

Mr S - Eccleston Road (597)

Hi Mitun, I'd just like to say thank you so much for sorting out the broken door yesterday. I really do appreciate the speedy response.

Ms K - Penrose House (Went Hse) (591)

Thanks so much! I didn't expect that at all.

Ms E - Anderson Heights (592)

Wow the quotes regarding the Tree Trimming requested sounded brilliant. I was worried about the birds. Thank you for getting the tree cut back. I have a view out of my window :)

Miss P - Cecilia Road 94/96(Barrgate) (593)

I have been pleased by the assistance provided by Mary-Anne, Debra, Nicholas and Lee. Each person has responded promptly, courteously and professionally to my enquiries. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Ringley.

Mr H - 12 Flats Clive Court RTM (595)

Hi again Briam, Just wanted to send a quick mail to thank you (again) for your attention to the problems here. The graffiti has now been fully removed and the front door has received a second coat of paint - actually looks much better than it did originally. The new lock is also much better than the original one.

Mr Q - Balfour Street (594)

Dear Mary-Anne, Many thanks for taking the time to assist me in this matter. Your comments have provided me with a much clearer view as to how to proceed.

Mr H - 12 Flats Clive Court RTM (590)

Thank you for your clear explanation of the accounts at the Annual General Meeting. I feel I have a better understanding of how the accounts were presented.

Mr B - Stanhope Court (596)

Dear Lee, May I thank you for your brilliant response last night. Once again, may I thank yourself, Katie and Shannan for all your help – you've been brilliant.

Ms D - Penrose House (Went Hse) (589)

Thank you for the correspondence and Minutes of the recent AGM. Firstly, we would like to express our thanks to Mrs C and the Board and also to the Caretaker for the sterling work they carry out on behalf of the owners. It is very much appreciated. Secondly, we are also indebted to you, Mark, and your team for the very professional way you manage our affairs.

Mr & Ms S - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (587)

I was duly impressed by Ringley's communication, knowledge & demeanour. Additionally, Briam has been actively working to sort out bins here for us & he is very professional. Good stuff. (In addition, Briam got the developer to refund £788 for the purchase of the bins and also got Sutton Council to provide a 1 x 1100 litre Euro recycling bin for free).


Hi Mark, Just a bit of positive feedback - great to see truly professional garden contractors on site today who clearly understand what they're doing for the benefit of the site/residents. I also really liked their letter of explanation re reasons behind the maintenance/improvements planned, which you forwarded last week.

Mr W - Eccleston Road (585)

Thanks very much to everyone for their efforts on this. (Following bad weather some ridge tiles had fallen off Mundania Court, leaving other tiles at risk of falling. With high 70 mile per hour winds forecast Ringley made light work of arranging a security guard overnight to make sure people did not walk alongside the flank wall of the building and get hit by falling tiles. By 8am the next morning scaffolders were on site and formally cordoned off the area and built a protective covered walkway up to the front door to protect residents and visitors. To protect the management company Directors the issue was logged with both the Police and Southwark Council. Long term repairs were put in hand shortly after.

Mr D - Mundania Court (583)

With the help of Mark (Ringley), The Caretaker of the site, Ringley, Ms S (the Environment Department), Canterbury City Council, Mr M (Aoleon Lettings) and a PCSO (Canterbury Community Policing) and the support of their neighbours, the tenants at this property have been persuaded that their particular lifestyle is inappropriate for this development and they will be leaving in four weeks.

Mr & Ms C - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (588)

Hi Racheal, Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt assistance regarding the payment.

Ms R - Boulevard Mansions (582)

Thanks Mitun for working on our side and doing a great job.

Mr L - Butterfly Court (584)

Dear Katie, I have been meaning to contact you to thank you for all your help with regards to the teething problems we had at LYON COURT, HITCHIN. You went over and above what was expected and people often forget to say thanks. Wishing you a very merry Christmas.


We appreciate all that Ringley is doing with the building, which is a definite improvement!

Mr F - Geneva Court (578)

Thank you for informing me of the repair and the full report of work that was carried out. I was getting very concerned regarding the damp that was occurring inside my property so hopefully this repair will correct the problem for the tenants. Please pass on my thanks to your team for dealing with this problem. Well done Ringley.

Mr B - Kenway Works (579)

Thanks to Lisa for her hard work during the year for Aspen green and the dedication to keep costs low.

Ms G - Aspen Green (577)

Dear Girish, I really appreciate your effort to sort out this issue, Looking forward for your good cooperation. (This was in relation to setting-up a new owner of a property onto our system)

Mr M - Cunningham Court (586)

Dear Joe, I do feel sometimes it's not only necessary to point out when a company is not providing the service you require but also when they're excelling. So I would also like to take this opportunity to commend you and your company on some of the wonderful service carried out by the cleaners and gardeners who have provided a super job around the site. And for endeavouring to try to resolve the issues around the site.

Mr & Mrs B - East India Way (575)

Having signed off the works today, I must compliment all parties (Ringley and the contractor) on a job very well done. Having managed many projects in my professional life, everything was handled in a professional manner and with a faultless result. Many thanks to all involved. (This is in relation to the internal and external major works project we finished).

Mr M - Vicarage Road Watford Management Company Limited (574)

Dear Lockie, Thank you very much for your message below, and trust this finds you excellently. The proactive approach from Ringley has been noted and is very much appreciated. (This is in relation to repairs).

Ms B - Porchester Court (576)

Hi Lisa, Just looked at your e-mail and would like to thank you for your rapid response regarding the motorbike parked opposite my bay. After 3 weeks of phone calls to the parking company without any success, then just one phone call to you and problem resolved. Thank you again, you're a star.

Mr B - Morello Quarter (573)

When you got involved you took responsibility for the issue, found out what to do, chased things up and this resulted in the car being moved. You also kept me informed with what was going on which is such an important aspect of customer service. (Resolving a dumped vehicle issue).

Mr N - Friars Close - (Griggs Place) (572)

Mary-Anne, Just a quick email to say how impressed I was with Simon's service last week. Since the appointment of Ringley and more recently, the new directors, I have intentionally taken a less active role in FBS management and in this instance I approached Simon in the capacity of a unit holder. Following a visit by a plumber who accessed the loft to inspect our unit's water tank, we learned that there was pigeon debris (nesting material, mess and eggs). I approached a pest control company for a quote to remove the debris and pigeon proof the loft space. A quick solution was critical as although my husband is staying on in the flat, my daughter and I are moving out meaning that I could not facilitate access to the flat in the short term. I initially rang Simon to advise what I was doing as I was not sure of the implications of any work that might be required (approvals, permissions, licences etc). Simon advised that this should be covered by service charge funds. Following receipt of my contractor quote, Simon secured a cheaper alternative from a pest control company who attended and undertook the work a matter of days later. This really was a case of great service - understanding the problem, securing a (more economic) solution and on a tight deadline.

Ms F - Fawe Street (571)

Racheal carried out much investigation to trace what had happened in relation to a leak. She then managed to get in touch with a contractor who she worked with to enable the requirements of the insurer to be met and thus the claim to go through successfully. This saved money.


You are by far the best person to manage our account over the many years of agents we have had. Generally speaking you are very proficient and responsive to the issues we raise. Thank you for all your hard efforts, they are starting to make Streatham Common North (21) a nice place to live!

Mr Y - Streatham Common North (21) (562)

Dear Mary-Anne, Many thanks for your prompt response to my emergency water stop cock leakage problem on Tuesday, 24 September 2013. It was the first stop cock that has had to be replaced in Riverside Plaza for 17 years. I may say that Cresco Services arrived at approximately 1.00 p.m. assessed, stated the two options and replaced the stop cock all within the hour in a very efficient way. Your Ringley booklet was also invaluable..... Again many thanks.


I am impressed to see that the entrance and the stairs have been much cleaner, at least until the depositing of all the wood chips that were walked in during the past few weeks from the painting and restoration work going on. I am pleased to see the cleaner carpet, and the improvements in general. Thank you for those.

Mr M - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (568)

Dear Mark, Just to thank you very much for chairing the meeting last night and for presenting the Directors’ Report. In the 16 years I have been a Director I cannot recall an AGM where no-one had any complaints as last night. This must be a testament to Ringley's pro-active management and your own prompt responses to residents’ queries and demands.

Mrs K - The Northiam Estate E9 (566)

Dear Mark, Thank you for chairing the AGM last night. The poor turnout might have been expected because of the weather however I think it also reflected the fact that residents are happy with the running of the estate and that there is little for them to complain about: changed days.

Mrs R - The Northiam Estate E9 (567)

Dear Mary-Anne, As a resident of Fawe Street, I'd like to send a note of thanks to Simon (via yourself) for all the work he's doing in dealing with the email overload and enquiries presented by a non-Director resident. It's not an easy position to have to maintain and I know I speak for others in extending our appreciation.

Ms U - Fawe Street (561)

James, just a quick note to say how impressed I am already with your level of service - I logged on to your site to get a copy of our insurance certificate. When I couldn't access it I called your number and was helped very quickly and an email with it was sent straight away by a very helpful lady. I looked at your last inspection report which seems very thorough too. Well done for making such a good start.


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to a lady at Ringley who I spoke to on Monday 5th August 2013. Someone had left a bicycle chained to the metal ring on the back wall of my undercover parking space and I rang to seek advice from Katie about what to do to get it removed. Katie was already on the phone so I spoke to one of her colleagues, who was very helpful. She advised me that if the owner had not responded to the note that I left on the bicycle asking them not to leave it there in a couple of days, she would ask the caretaker to remove it. As it turned out, fortunately the owner had removed it by the end of the following day, in response to my note, but it was very reassuring to know that I had support from Ringley and that action would be taken if necessary.

Ms M - Hawkins Road (559)

Thank you for the email contact. Recently I am much more impressed with the services of the managing agents and it seems Mark is doing a good job, and always responds if I have a query.

Ms C - St Dunstans (Canterbury) Management (558)

Hi Mary-Anne, We're about 3 months into our management contract with Ringley now and I just wanted to provide some brief feedback regarding Simon. I appreciate 3 months isn't a long time but I get the impression Simon has done a lot of work in that time! I think getting to grips with the historical issues at Carter House has been more difficult than expected however Simon has dealt with this extremely well. It's early days but I have been impressed with Simon's proactivity and project management skills. There is a long list of issues but Simon is prioritising them in a sensible way and ensuring we get value for money.

Mr W - Carter House SW11 2BF (541)

Dear Denise, Good to see you. Thank you for the excellent job and my congratulations to Mary-Anne for managing the miserable task of Chairperson of The AGM.

Mr S - Millharbour, E14 (542)

I think we got good updates and it seems to me that we’re coming to the end and can see the light. I’m happy with the explanations on the accounts and thanks for the additional colour below on increase. Thanks again for the way you’re running our site. It’s appreciated as you could hear last night from various residents. (Feedback after the AGM).

Mr K - Millharbour, E14 (539)

Firstly thanks for the current upkeep of the estate. I know it's over a year since Ringley took over, but you can see the difference in the gardens, cleanliness of public spaces and general correspondence is far better than the previous management company.

Mr B - The Northiam Estate (543)

Director, at the meeting thanked Lisa for her hard work, looking after and caring for the site. Lisa took over and got the works completed with 9 months. They look forward to working with Lisa in the future.

Mr B - Limington Court (540)

It's very kind of you, thank you. That's super. Thank u so much for that. That was a job I was putting off but you sorted it all out. You're a superstar. Thank you very much. (Giving details of who Property Managers were for various sites as they wanted to send renewal quotes in relation to a number of fire alarms and emergency lights).

Elite Fire Protection Ltd - Various Sites (549)

You're very clear. You speak very clear. Sometimes the management monitor the call. I hope they monitor the call because you’re a very very valid person. I used to work in customer service for 20 years so I know what is good customer service. Thank you very much for your help.

Person who was visiting Mr D S - Geneva Court (550)

Hi Mitun, Thank you very much for dealing with my request so quickly. I am pleased to advise that the car was moved yesterday evening. I am really impressed by how fast you have dealt with this matter and the level of service provided.

Mr C - Maltings (The) (544)

The last year has not been without its issues. What has impressed us particularly are the points: 1. Mitun always responds promptly and sets out what the possible solutions will be and, where possible, a timescale for dealing with problems. 2. Once a situation is 'in the pipeline' he has always then kept us informed. There is nothing so anxious making as a feeling that 'the line has gone dead' and therefore not knowing whether or not someone out there is actually still mindful of the situation. 3. His approach is always courteous and friendly whilst remaining professional. One senses that one is relating to a human being and being treated with respect and understanding whilst remaining at a high professional level. He clearly thinks things through and is capable of acting. Mitun is, in our opinion, a very good front man for your company, efficient, professional, personable.

Mr C & Mr T - The Edens (534)

You have been very helpful and took the trouble to get back to me.

Kingsgate Developments (Contractor) - Stewart House (536)

I just wanted to drop you a line to express my appreciation of the speed and efficiency of Debra Date, who I spoke to on the phone yesterday, when she very quickly pulled together some information regarding a long standing problem we have been experiencing at our property. I now feel I have enough of an overview on how things stand to see an end to what has taken an age to sort out.

Ms C - Roderick Road (53) (533)

Hi Katie, Lisa always seems to care about the building. Some peoples' attitude (not at Ringley) is that as long as they're getting their money they don't care. I never feel that way with Lisa.

Ms K - Kenway Works (520)

I note that you have included an A3 print out of the budget and breakdown of reserve B demand, and I just wanted to say that I have found it extremely informative - it has the right level of details and given the currently high level of demands it is very useful for us owners to figure out what is the run-rate, what is a one-off and what we are actually paying for. If one bothers to read it that is! I have also found the letter you attached on the front very useful. I hope that you will keep this piece of good work going in the future.

Mr L - Millharbour, E14 (514)

My initial phone call to Ringley was made at 12.22. I asked if she could locate a copy of the last AGM minutes in your absence. She politely put me on hold, made inquiries and got back to me within a minute. She asked me if I would like a copy, to which I said yes, and confirmed my e-mail address from your records. I received an e-mail from her at 12.28. Very impressive. Her responses to my requests were clear, and she obviously has a "can do" attitude. Whilst most of us complain about poor service we get from certain companies (especially utilities), I will always take time to compliment good service. Dilber deserves recognition for the manner in which she represents Ringley, and I am pleased that you will make such a recommendation.

Mr F - Grange (The) 264 London Road, St Albans (515)

It's been very good to talk to you. You're a good representative of the company”.

Mr K - Nevill Road No. 35 (531)

Thanks Girish for keeping me in the loop. Much appreciated. (Updating an owner).

Ms T - Nexus (formerly Salisbury Road) (516)

Thanks to all for seeing this through! (Delivery and installation of a shed on site).

Mr D - College Court (528)

I appreciate your response as usual. It means a lot. Thank you very much indeed.

Mr W - Innes Lodge (517)

Everytime I call Ringley I never get ‘no’ but you’ve been so great, so helpful. Thank you so much. (Dilber found out information about the windows and called back to give this information).

Ms S - Alliance Close (532)

A big 'thank you' to Mitun for his sterling work on handling the effects and after issues of the two water incidents. (Mitun arranged to get the leaks fixed at the earliest possible time (out of office hours) and pushed the insurance company to pay out).

Mr C & Mr T - The Edens (526)

Hello Mitun, Just a note of BIG THANK YOU for all your efforts in getting CPM over to discuss plans of implementing Parking Restrictions at Granville Place. We Directors at Granville Place are relieved of the pressure we are all under after and your suggestion has made us see way forward. Your suggestion is warmly welcomed. On a personal note, I have seen great improvement in services provided by Ringley. There is still a long way to go in some areas but they are of no great concerns.

Mr S - Granville Place (Elm Park) (525)

You should be offered an Employee Of The Year Award. (This was in relation to updating an owner about an on-going works dispute).

Mr W - Innes Lodge (510)

Thank you for so much additional positive information. Congratulations to your firm and the Directors, I look forward to further news as appropriate. (We achieved closure on a day 1 legal drafting mess where leases between 2 solicitors on the same scheme did not match up leaving people to pay for "unreasonable" expenditure they did not benefit from. After a tough negotiation and lease variation we reduced owners balancing charges from £30,335 to £8,111.00).

Mr S - Millharbour, E14 (513)

Hello Lisa, The security firm have rejigged the buzzers so they only ring in the designated flat so that is a great improvement for the estate. Thanks for your swift action, have to award you a GOLD STAR again!! The gardens are looking great with the new plants and I have a new window box with shrubs to match the one on the other side of the block opposite. I am well pleased.

Ms D - Kenway Works (521)

Dear Girish I would like top thank you for the phone call you made. Thanks for your time you invested and for your concern. It’s really appreciated. Any understanding shown to us is like gold dust. Living in these conditions for so long is truly heart wrenching so to feel that you still wanted to sort a few old remaining matters that apparently have not yet been solved is heart warming.

Mr W - Innes Lodge (529)

I would like to thank you for the phone call you made, time you invested and for your concern. It's really appreciated. Any understanding shown to us is like gold dust. Living in these conditions for so long is truly heart wrenching so to feel that you still wanted to sort a few old remaining matters that apparently have not yet been solved is heart-warming. (This was in relation to updating an owner about an on-going works dispute).

Mr W - Innes Lodge (511)


Mr S - Granville Place (Elm Park) (527)

Aren't you so efficient. Gosh you're very good. So nice to know there's someone else who’s dealing with this.

Mrs P - Eldon Court, NW6 (548)

The first time I ever rung Ringley you were a very forthcoming lady. Praise is due where praise is due. It's so so nice to know I’m talking to you and that I have spoken to you before and I really mean it. I can't believe that I'm talking to you and I mean it and I hope this call is recorded. I'm so touched and I mean it that I've spoken to you. On your pay on time & change a life response to WaterAid, I'm glad of that because I've been a sponsor of WaterAid for goodness knows how long. Speaking to you is reassuring if nothing else. You tell your boss what I have said! I'm glad it was you who picked the phone up and I sincerely mean it.

Mrs P - Eldon Court, NW6 (551)

Hi Mary-Anne, thanks for so brilliantly chairing the meeting on Monday night. I had to leave early, but was told that a lot of positive ground was covered. (This was in relation to an Annual General Meeting)

Mrs C - Fawe Street (524)

Compliments for your session chairing skills yesterday. (Following a tricky meeting that closed down on 6+ years of frustrations - a clean balance sheet was agreed).

Mr B - Fawe Street (522)

Thank you for trying to be helpful in the meeting, and for getting through a huge amount of business.

Mrs K - Fawe Street (523)

Hi Girish, Thank you for your help and getting back to me so quickly. (Getting information passed onto the Site Inspector for the upcoming site visit).

Ms H - Sydmons Court (509)

Hi Mario, Thank you very much for the good news, you have made my day! You have actually solved the first of the three issues, and I hope the rest will follow with the help of Sabrina and Nick. I really appreciate your perseverence and hard work, especially as I know that you are new at Ringley and therefore having to make an extra effort.

Ms M - Belgrave Gardens (21-23) (506)

Hi Mario, Thank you for your help with the Housing Association when they wouldn't fix the leak from their flats into our offices. I especially appreciated your persistence when they were dodging your phone calls and not keeping the appointments they made. It made a lot of difference to us when we knew that you were on the case. (This was regarding a leak from the flats above owned by the housing association. The were dodging Mario's calls and being very difficult and really frustrating to the customer and Mario. After well over a week Mario had to say to the housing association that we would cut off the water if the leak wasn't fixed in 24 hours. They went out and fixed the leak to the relief of the customer).

Ms B - Andersens Wharf E14 (507)

I recommend you go higher up in the company. You should be one of the Managers. I think you've been amazing. I feel so blessed to have actually got to talk to you. I wouldn't have known any of this if I hadn't talked to you.

Ms A - Fawe Street (555)

Dear Girish, It was a pleasure to speak to you today. Thank you for taking so much time to help me with my questions. You were very helpful.

Ms A - Fawe Street (508)

You have been outstanding in all you have done for me, so I have suggested to my business partner that we use you in future for all our sales and purchases.

Mr I - Hide Road (530)

Just to let you know that the redecoration is now almost completed. And to thank you for your very helpful approach re this and other matters raised with you. Much appreciated. (He thought the insurance company knew about his claim by the previous agent. They didn’t and they were reluctant to accept the claim due to the time lapse. They accepted the claim and said he had to pay the current excess under the policy which was considerably higher as the previous agent hadn’t made the claim but Denise got the excess reduced from £750 to £250. The initial claim was made in 2011 and only went through in January 2013).

Mr P - Kensington Hall Gardens (490)

Your very clear explanations of a previously tangled situation with the accounts were much appreciated by all. (We started managing the site in January 2013. The previous managing agent caused an accounting mess and Ringley & Mko Outsourcing Ltd sorted this out).

Mr G - Dolphin Yard (498)

You are the management company for our block of flats and you are doing a splendid job. (After an era of over charging and wrongly charging by Peverel).

Mr F - Geneva Court (502)

I am so sorry you have had this experience with all of us. I agree you should not have to experience this. Just wanted to know that most of us in the building do appreciate everything Ringley have done and are very pleased with how you have progressed things along. (After a dispute between owners and a mediation case that racked up over £20,000 costs against the owners, the directors resigned and infighting began. Ringley facilitated a meeting and were appointed as sold Director/Chair to bring back some common purpose).

Ms K - Compayne Gardens (No.77) (499)

Thank you, and thank you ever so much for your help today. (Quickly re-arranging an interview and providing directions to get to Ringley).

Ms R - Job Applicant (495)

I realise that I have not acknowledged receipt of your M & S Voucher sent to us in February. Thank you very much for your kind gift, it was a pleasure to respond to the Chairman's Questionnaire. We have been extremely impressed with Ringley since you took over the management of St Dunstans, Canterbury.

Mrs S - St Dunstans (Canterbury) (546)

I'm glad I'm speaking to the right person and I hope this call is recorded. When you appreciate something you've got to be positive. Saying thanks doesn’t cost anything. If it's praise you praise, if it's a comment you make comment for the services to be better. You can be a one-off. I don't know who's responsible but I'm glad it's you so please tell your boss. It's important. It's good to get feedback. It's been such a pleasure the few minutes (of this call). I've had no eye-contact. I've had no body language but you sound like such a charming lady. I look forward to meeting you at some point. Thanks to Mr H who had selected that we get a managing agent called Ringley. You pay for quality not quantity. I can't tell you how pleasing the voice is if nothing else. It's reassurance. If your boss is there to listen to this, I would appreciate he does. I think you're such a lovely forthcoming person and I mean it. As I say, I'm not on Skype, I have no eye-contact. I have no body language. I don't know whom I'm talking to except the name is Jamie-Lee. This is just me praising you and I sincerely mean it. It's not just saying it superficially. I mean it. Please please please tell your manager to listen to this conversation and I praise you and I've never met you. You don’t know who I am, I don't know who you are. Many many thanks. Appreciate appreciate appreciate very much. Thank you so much, it means a lot (that we can hopefully help to deal with issues on site). It's been a pleasure and thanks for your time. All the best and I hope you stay on there (for more than the three months you’ve been there so far) of course. If you’re lovely, the rest (others in the company) have to be lovely. You tell them that! Someone from Ringley has to listen to this call, I'm not just superficially telling you. (Saying thank you for receiving a welcome letter).

Mrs P - Eldon Court, NW6 (552)

Thanks for the way you support us - it enables us to do our job to the best of our ability for Ringley and you always answer emails and react. Thank you very much.

Gardenfix (Contractor) - Keys/Notices (492)

Thank you guys for your work again! (The owner contacted us with a complaint about smoking in the communal hallways. We sent a letter out and she wanted more to be done).

Ms V - Cricket Court (491)

That's very nice of you. Thank you very much. Excellent service. (We made a good first impression to the new owner by helping to arrange a time for them to meet with a Site Inspector).

Mr D - Carter Lane (77) / Carter Court (554)

You must be the most efficient receptionist I have come across. Your prompt response is much appreciated.

Ms S - Woodland Heights Restell Close, SE3 (493)

Even as I have been writing this I have received a copy of an e-mail from James issuing instructions on these points. Prompt is good! (Dealing with rough sleeper issue on site. Following a visit to site, it appeared that the rough sleeper had moved on. On site were two uniformed community operatives, a representative from Ringley and Kleenfix also attended to clean up the site. A representative from the Camden Safer Streets Team said the rough sleeper had been seen in another area and appeared to have taken what they could carry with them. All possessions (that were stored in the bin store) and bedding were removed and kindly taken away by the bin men. The bin area and entrance areas were jetwashed and a strong disinfectant was applied. The strip light in the stairs was also changed. James then dealt with issues raised by the owner after a phone call).

Mr T - Metro (496)

Ringley - Keep up the good work! Thank you for helping us in getting about £13k + back from EDF. (Previous managing agent Peverel paid bills in error to EDF. We went to the Ombudsman and managed to get a refund of 13k from them).

Mr G - Geneva Court (503)

Thank you for swift resolution of this. (Ringley took over after a period of self management where matters needed more organisation to find a common purpose out of residents different agendas. A sale was being frustrated due to a 'alterations' issue. Ringley got on top of it quick, helped the Directors find a way forward. The sale was not lost)!

Mr A - Fawe Street (500)

As a landlord of two properties in Geneva Court, the Ringley Maintenance Company, when compared with OM Peverel, the difference is like black and white. As soon as Ringley took over from OM Peverel at Geneva Court the service and maintenance changed dramatically for the better. Ringley are far more communicative with tenants, their management team at Geneva Court are very on the ball, highly pro-active, I receive regular e-mail updates and progress reports both on work in progress and future projects. Moreover, Ringley also invite the tenants to meetings, discussing with them matters pertaining to the building and involving them in the decision making process, making for a far more harmonious atmosphere all round. The above was never the case with OM Peverel. All in all, in my opinion, Ringley is a far better company to work with, are more efficient and give better value.

Mr N - Geneva Court (504)

I had a useful and helpful conversation with Girish at Ringley this morning. He has circulated this update on the current action that is being taken. (Dealing with a rough sleeper issue on site).

Mr T - Metro (494)

Your updates are amazing! I was just writing a message to my "Woodlands Residents" list when this message arrived from you. I was not expecting it. Many thanks for you excellent service!


Thanks for your help in getting this done as quickly as possible and for keeping me informed. I am indebted to you. I really got off cheap! I'm sure you are worth that, and than some! Next time I have another valuation you will be my first pick. It was nice doing business with you. (We received 2 instructions for million pound properties to be valued, we booked the inspections for the next day and at very polite request of the customer turned the reports around in 3 days and e-mailed them straight over to the bank and let the customer know).

Mr S - 29 Hepworth and 12 Chelseagate (501)

I must admit that the jobs done in the last couple of years have been excellent. (Works previously done were not satisfactory such as putting up guttering to catch water rather than resolving the leak. As a result, contractors were changed, leading to an improvement in the works carried out).

Dr K - William Perkin Court/Frthing Ct (505)

You're definitely better than the other company. They were a complete total muppet show. There were more muppets there than what there was in the muppet show and they were ripping us off something terrible. I run a management company/block of flats myself so I know what you're going through.

Mr F - Mundania Court (497)

Dear James, I would like to wish you a merry xmas and a very good and happy new year. There is an improvement at Saxon Hall due to your good work, for which I would like to thank you. (With the various goings-on making life difficult for some residents, the management of the building was challenged. James, as the Property Manager, took on-board comments and improved the site).

Mr H - Saxon Hall (518)

You're a wonder. You have been a pleasure to speak with. Thanks for your help and reassurance. (Customer was crying on the phone, really distressed and confused in regards to the demand she received. Jamie-Lee managed to calm her down and reassure her that there was an explanation and not to worry. The customer was put through to the relevant department and at the end of the conversation, the customer felt more reassured).

Miss C - Streatham Common North (21) (553)

My issue with smells is not fully resolved yet but the EPS guys who have been dealing with it are very good. They appear competent and are keen to do a good job. I understand they are also now looking after the boiler, which should be good news. Also once I got Denise’s attention on this matter she has been very helpful and diligent in following up

Ms H - Millharbour, E14 (484)

May I also thank you for doing all the hard work since you have taken over. There is already an improvement in the work done and the place is starting to look abit decent. Well done and thank you.

Ms R - Westcott Park (481)

I love the fact that you're so on the ball. Dilber and Karen are top bananas and this is the only PMC that even really notices tbh. (A contractor replied after we were fixing a technical glitch in our automatic site visit emails which go out out to owners to let them know when we are doing the next site visit. The contractor commented that Ringley are on the ball, staff are top bananas and Ringley are the only property management company that notices the detail in work to be honest).

Gardenfix (Contractor) - Site Visit Emails (480)

Thank you so much for sorting out so quickly. (This ladies tenants lost their keys - she was quite distressed and needed new ones sent ASAP).

Ms Z - Belgrave Gardens (21-23) (463)

When Nick (the previous Property Manager of the site) left, I thought that he would be a hard act to follow. However, Mitun has proved a worthy successor of Nick. He is very efficient, responsive and takes his work to heart. In my opinion, he is an asset to the company.

Ms S - St Christopher 's Court (468)

Think the service has been great from yourself and Luke and would be more than happy to recommend you.

Ms W - Boleyn Road (92) (470)

I have been a resident at Granville Place (Elm Park) for over 3 years, the level of service I have received via Ringley has been without mentioning of very high standards, the quality to respond and customer service to the leaseholders has been presented with great care and attention. Ringley's immaculate service has always been well awarded and trusted

Ms K - Granville Place (Elm Park) (467)

I would like to add my thanks to your Dilber. She was here between 7pm and 9pm last night, a service I might add well beyond expectations. (Dilber helped out to do a site visit, she was trained as it isn't normally a job she does and this was appreciated by the owner).

Mr R - The Limes (464)

I would like to commend Ringley for bring health and safety to the forefront at College Court and their attention to fire safety in particular.

Mr G - College Court (477)

First, I would like to express my gratitude for the management after the fire. I am very impressed on how quickly the situation was managed and also thanks for keeping us up to date. The fire marshalls are also very professional, please pass this comment to their manager. (Client thanked us for reacting quickly when there was a fire on a site).

Ms S - Kamen House (466)

I know we are not an easy block to manage due to various obvious dynamics and thank you for all your efforts. I know exactly how difficult it can be to get everyone on board when decisions need to be made. You are doing a great job for us, so thanks for all your efforts. Good luck!

Ms R - Compayne Gardens (No.77) (472)

Finally got round to looking at this. It appears it has gone through OK on your system. Thank you for all your help. (A contractor on Ringley Panel was having problems logging in and had put the wrong purchase order number on the invoice. Karen helped sort this out for them via our I.T. Department).

Access Buzzers - Ringley Panel (474)

The block has been in the company's care for over a year. Since you have taken over things have been kicked back into shape

Mr O'B - Malden Road No. 54 (471)

This is great, thanks a lot one more time for all your help. I feel much better now when we received the new code and managed to submit an annual return.

Ms S - Marylands Road (58) (476)

Thanks very much for your letter of 16 October (ref GT1009), received today, and indeed for your thoughtful email of 2 October. We appreciate the update and the trouble you have taken to keep us informed. We admire what appears to be the characteristic care that Ringley has taken to address the issue, and are glad that you found our comments useful. (Owner felt the subletting letter was too strong. We thanked them again for their letter suggesting that we review our subletting letters. We informed them that we had conducted an internal review of the correspondence regarding the subletting of properties managed by Ringley and revised the letters and we had also consulted an external consultant to review these documents).

Mr T - 221 Randolph Avenue (478)

Just a quick message Shabana to say thank you for the promptness and professional response to this. Much appreciated. (Client thanked us for reacting quickly when there was a fire on a site).

Mr K - Kamen House (465)

You've got a brilliant website. You download all the stuff. It's clear. I think you are probably the only person on this planet to understand that its unfair for small blocks to pay big managing agents fees. Thank you, so compliments to the chef.

Ms E - Isenhurst Court (469)

You’ve been really helpful and patient with your time, I really appreciate it. I don’t often call but when you’re in a predicament and don’t know what to do or where to go it’s nice to have advice. It’s helpful to know things can be escalated. I needed some guidance on making an insurance claim and updating my details. I was given my log-in details and spoke to someone who was able to answer my queries and put me in the direction of others who could help too. I also used the opportunity to sign up for email demands and site news as this would be easier and going paperless meant not wasting paper. (Found out information and helped an owner to go through the process of making an insurance claim and updating their contact details. Also talked to the owner about receiving demands and site news by email and they signed up to this).

Ms D - Chaucer Place (483)

That's very helpful.... thank you so much for these efforts and for the updates/communications. (Jasper resolved an issue and promoted our services such as demands by email, which the owner signed up to).

Mr H - Barton Mill (475)

Thank you for your kind letter of 24 September 2012. We are impressed that our feedback about the subletting letter has been appreciated, promptly raised and acted upon at your Chairman's Meeting, and that your Legal Department will be reviewing the wording. The subletting letter raises important issues that are no doubt sometimes ignored by leaseholders, and contains useful advice, and we feel that just a few adjustments in its wording would improve it no end. We are pleased that Ringley have found the feedback helpful and received it in the positive spirit in which it was ended, and most grateful for the kind and unexpected M&S Night-In Voucher. Thank you very much on behalf of both of us. (Owner felt the subletting letter was too strong. We wrote to them on the same day the issue was discussed at the Chairman's Meeting and said our Legal Department would be looking at the wording of the subletting letter. We thanked the owner, saying that feedback, such as the one they gave, helps us improve as a company and as our way of saying thanks for letting us know how they felt we could do better, we sent them a £10 M & S Night-In Voucher).

Mr T - 221 Randolph Avenue (479)

The outside cigarette ashtray has now been moved and I wanted to thank you for your help with this.

Ms D - Grange (The) 264 London Road, St Albans (473)

Thanks for cutting the bushes back, looks a lot better and I don't get holly branch in my face when I come out of my front door.

Mr F - St Matthews Row (448)

Thanks! Even although I asked the wrong question you managed to give me the required answer! (The owner was in the process of selling their flat and had many forms to fill in. After asking who owned the leasehold, we anticipated they would be confused with a lot of the terminology so explained who owned the leasehold and also explained the difference between the leaseholder and freeholder in a clear and simple way - making it easy for the owner to understand the difference).

Mr C - Heathcroft (Moors Walk) (456)

We wanted to thank you and James for the meeting on Tuesday. It was never going to be easy with a tenant turning up to complain and James dealt with that, and the running of the meeting, very professionally. Personally I think Ringley have had a difficult start taking over the building after such mismanagement from the previous managing agents. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to getting problems sorted out. We all look forward to continuing to work with you.

Mrs J - Avante Court (461)

Thanks for your input to the meeting on Wednesday evening; as Simon said it was the most helpful contribution we have ever received. (At an AGM there were mixed views about introducing CCTV on site. Some owners didn't like the idea of being recorded as they entered and left the site. We explained that CCTV would be positioned on the sites weak spots, without having to focus on entry points etc. Owners responded by seeming to like the idea and consented to leaving the item on the AGM agenda. Ringley are taking a proactive role in managing the site and by advising the site, more items are pushing forward with the majority of owners in agreement).

Mr E - St James's Court (449)

AMAZING !!!! Great news. after finding it impossible to sell my flat due to an awful landlord frustrating every process and it being impossible to buy the freehold, finally with the help of Ringley legal we're on our way to a well managed block and my flat becoming a sellable asset. (Freeholder was missing. No managing agent. Four flats. We were instructed re the RTM process).

Ms W - Boleyn Road (92) (547)

Thank you that is most appreciated. I can't say I have seen a questionnaire recently but will keep an eye out for that. It is also useful to have the updated contact details. (We explained how our Communications Department help to resolve issues which owners raise through Chairman's Questionnaires that they fill in, as well as how owners can escalate anything at Ringley as we welcome all feedback. A new Property Manager had recently taken over the site so their contact details were forwarded to the owner).

Ms B - Mayesbrook Manor (455)

I got back from a business trip on Friday to find that the mirror has now been replaced. You showed the most impetus to get it sorted. Thank you for that. (We helped after a mirror was stolen).

Mr V - Boulevard Mansions (447)

Thank you for keeping us updated Mary-Anne, and for taking such a proactive approach. (4-5 years of intermittent hot water supply, endless fixes by the porter and too many call outs. The underlying problem as well as aged boilers is the addition of mixer taps/showers and shower units on a system that was not designed for this enabling back flow of mains pressure cold water down hot pipes into the chlorifier. We instigated a site wide inspection of all flats to identify possible flats that could be causing this. Then we set about a strategy to put the problem in the past).

Mr K - Kensington Hall Gardens (452)

Board is very pleased with the results, the best ever from any agent in any year.

Mr B - St Dunstans (450)

Your letter, does of course, follow our recent telephone conversation and I thank you for taking this matter up on behalf of the leaseholders.

Mr C - Blandford Court NW6 (482)

I tried to re-start the boiler last night but, without the expertise, I was unsuccessful. I was back this evening at 5.30 and it seemed to be up and working again. Thanks for providing 24 hour cover like this.

Mr D - Kensington Hall Gardens (453)

Thanks for your note and for your time last night. It really was the best thing to speak with you, I think you were the voice of reason after a bonkers day! (We stayed on the phone to a client until 8:10pm as a clamping company had clamped their vehicle, even though we asked them not to clamp it).

Ms L - Avante Court (459)

The service has been excellent.

Mr M - 6-8 Whitmore Road (457)

Further to my email yesterday, I am extremely impressed with the speed in which the lift returned to service. Many thanks for that. Obviously some residents do have the emergency number that I was asking for and you acted very efficiently.

Ms B - Avante Court (454)

Regarding 'the Ringley Gateway' an owner commented that "I think it is a superb tool for both shareholder/leaseholders and directors in the different ways."

Mr B - St Dunstans (451)

I really must tell you how impressed I am with my initial contact with you over the phone and now your email. I called about ten different solicitors and none of them were able to get to the point about what their fees were and what the process was following the failure to respond to a section 13 notice. You have explained everything in the most straightforward and simply way covering every angle. Thank you. I would like to use you as you seem to know what you are talking about and your fees seem to be in keeping with what everyone else is quoting.

Ms W - Valetta Road (458)

I truly thank you for your prompt action and the care you take in doing your duties with such serious and effective manner, your company should be proud to have you, I hope they realise and appreciate you. Again many thanks for your attention, please let me know if I can be of any assistance for well being of the tenants. (We helped to try and get a bike removed from the railings and informed the owner that we were also in the process of ordering two news signs about not attaching bikes to railings).

Mr I - Harcourt Terrace (77-81) (460)

Dear Edward, I would like to express my sincere thanks for solving the problem about parking of the pram, the hallway is free of any objection in the ground floor. Also you made time to come & see my flat on 20th July and listen to my plight. You did your duty as a true gentlemen for which I am thankful.

Ms S - St Dunstans (445)

Hi Mary-Anne I must admit I was very sceptical when a new person was going to take over management of Millharbour, but I have been proven wrong and I am very glad about that. Denise is a very skilled lady and been a great help to us and the building. I have to say she is very competent and well organised and knows what she's doing as well as understanding the client and their needs. I am very glad you and us have Denise on board and I want to make sure she gets recognition from us for the great job she does.

Ms T - Millharbour (442)

Many thanks for the M&S voucher which I received last week. It will be put to good use.

Mrs S - St Dunstans (444)

First of all I think I speak for all the flatowners at 128 in saying a big "Thank You" to Lee for his work in recent months. We had such a helpful, responsive & highly professional manager. He stands "head & shoulders" above the rest in taking real ownership for resolving issues. (Customer who transferred from BlockCare 500 'full management' to BlockCare 300 our financial and legal administration product to save money after Ringley Legal LLP helped them buy the freehold).

Mr R - Haverstock Hill 128 (441)

Dear Girish Thank you very much for your response. It means a lot. I feel bit of relief and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I appreciate it. It has been a hard slog trying to get things done here and I am grateful that you are willing to give me a refund. So I would like to give you the credit for keeping to your promise that says a lot and I commend you for that. Top marks. To be banging my head a brick wall with nothing to show but a head ache. Thanks a lot for listening. It kept me sane. Really grateful to you.

Mr W - Innes Lodge (440)

If you can cook, I’ll marry you. (3 Agents in just over 5 years. Projects that needed to get off the ground included: major lift works, re-wiring, re-roofing and decorations to rediscover the former glory of this beautiful Artdeco block in Clapham. Active HR management of the caretaker achieved buy in to him moving out, releasing the value of his flat. Through consultation achievements included: building a day room/caretaker's station, creating a logo and putting the caretaker in uniform).

Mr O'Meara - Trinity Close (438)

I also wanted to share with you all that Mr M seems very happy about the changes, he told me he had moved most of his things and found a new bed (at half price). He was looking forward to trying on his new uniform and is also very happy to see things are actually being done in the building. (We managed an under-performing porter suffering depression and allergy problems into a new role. This necessitated him giving up his porters flat, finding accommodation elsewhere, reducing the hours in his working week, introducing a uniform to wear, blackberry phone so we could be in better contact and saving £10,000 costs a year.)

Ms C - Trinity Close (437)

Thank you Jasper for your efforts in constructing a proper share register. It is reassuring to know that someone has been over this issue properly and we have a known position to work from for future property transfers etc.

Mr B - St Dunstans (435)

Thanks for last night. You did a sterling job, and I'm sorry it went on a bit. Next time we'll get things moving a longer a little more efficiently, now we know what is expected of us.

Mr S - Mundania Court (439)

Dear Nicholas, just a quick note of thanks for all the work that's taking place here under your company's aegis. You're really improving the area with all the thoughtful renovations and maintenance.

Mr P - Goddard Place (436)

Thank you for confirmation of our parking bays Edward. Very useful to have and thank you for responding to my communication, such an improvement on the previous inefficient management company, well done.

Mrs W - St Dunstans (433)

Appreciate all that you guys are doing to facilitate the long outstanding disputes. Great job.

Ms K - Compayne Gardens (No.77) (428)

Many thanks for your efficient & professional services- Will certainly recommend to all.

Mr K - Artbrand Studios (423)

Thank you very much for this full and helpful reply. The trouble you have taken to respond to my queries is much appreciated. I am re-assured by what you have set out. (Flat owners who concerned that their reserve may pay for houses redecorations and the legal provisions to ensure if the flats were decorated how the houses could be kept looking good).

Mr G - Barton Mill (421)

Thank you for the nice surprise that a M & S voucher is on its way.

Mrs S - St Dunstans (425)

Thank you for your efforts to reduce the annual buildings insurance costs. (We saved 33% on the insurance from the Peverel days, despite an £85,000 claim, before our time, in the year we took over).

Mr L - Goddard Place (434)

We really appreciate how communicative you guys are at Ringley – nice to know what's going on

Mr A - Goddard Place (422)

Hello Lee Just wanted to say thank you for your letter which I received on Friday - so I'm sure everyone else did as well. It's an excellent letter - setting out the terms of the lease clearly so that there is no mis understanding as to what is required. Thanks for your help - it is genuinely appreciated and a relief to know that someone understands and is prepared to help.


I want to thank you for this temporary repair of the pump, and I am confident we leaseholders made a good choice getting Ringley for maintenance.

Mr S - College Court (420)

Lee, Thank-you for all the help you have given us in sorting this matter out.

Mr B - Andersens Wharf E14 (429)

Hi Lee Just to say that this is exactly the sort of series of updates we need so, thank you for keeping us informed.

Mrs K - Andersens Wharf E14 (418)

Lee, Have to say, I do like the way you phrase these emails... (Email to owners updating them that the water supply had been restored to full capacity).

Mr M - Andersens Wharf E14 (427)

Dear Mary-Anne, Thank you so much for taking the time to see me on Tuesday. I really appreciated your advice and hopefully we can now move forward swiftly on finalising the new lease. (They were given bad advice on freehold purchase by Solicitors before joining Ringley and had left this site with a very poorly drafted lease, one demand a year and no reserve fund).

Mrs R - Hertford Lock, Bow (417)

You’re fabulous! (After 10+ years of no external decorations, Ringley helped get the block on track, specifications on a level playing field, tenders and pre-start as well as consultation notices. Also advised on the 'vague' lease clauses in terms of window ownership and head on got stuck into a conference call and advising a leaseholder unwilling to pay up on the lease, the pitfalls, what could happen, leaseholder's claims for freeholder's breach of covenant for not repairing vs the defence of lack of actual financial loss due to the leaseholder's savings in not having paid for 3 decorations cycles).

Mr S - Gloucester Court (414)

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to deal with your reception/switchboard staff. Each time I call they are always very professional, but also very warm and friendly in their nature. As first-line contact to anyone calling Ringley, they are a credit to you. People are always very quick to complain, but often not to compliment, so where credit is due I always like to pass along positive feedback.

Ms S - CS Contracts ltd (415)

A person in one of the flats has asked Lisa to pass on her thanks to you (and us) for everything that is now being done in the block, they are really pleased with all the improvements.

Ms S - William Perkin Court/Frthing Ct (426)

Hi Denise, Thanks for running the block meeting today, we were very impressed with your performance and are re-assured that you are the right person to be managing our block.

Mrs F - Woodland Heights (424)

It was a great pleasure to read the report from Nick and various issues which have been addressed.

Mr P - Geneva Court (413)

I just want to say personally from me, that you are doing great job as our estate manager. You are very capable and hands on!

Ms T - Millharbour (443)

Dear Girish, Thank you for the email. Not sure how much you realise how much this means. It's good to have a swift reply. Your web site is great and promises a lot.

Mr W - Innes Lodge (394)

Lee, thank you for the reassurance about the lighting. You're doing a great job, thank you.

Ms R - Wren View (395)

Dear Sirs, Many thanks for the email and update, this is a great idea to keep the residents informed! (This was in response to an automatic email which the owner was sent, informing them when the next site visit was).

Ms K - JAVA (398)

Many thanks again for the explicit, clear and encouraging progress already made. This is the most meaningful communication we have had. (Ringley rescued the site for a developer following the previous agent having mis-construed the leases and set up).

Mr D M - Park Place (399)

Agreed, it was a good quick response. (The lock for the main entrance door on a site was stolen overnight, so we immediately started making arrangements to insta a new one the following day).

Mr M - Cuba Street (401)

I attended my first AGM at Haversham Place where my wife and I have purchased a property. It is currently managed by one of the residents but she no longer wants the job and no-one else is interested in filling her shoes. I mentioned that I have been very happy with the service I have received from Ringley at Randolph Court and said that I would ask you for an estimate of what your fees would be to take over the management.

Mr F - 221 Randolph Avenue (400)

Thank you for your e-mail explaining Nicholas's indisposition. Please extend our very best wishes to him and hopes that the medics will be able to put him en route to a complete and sustained recovery. We are so sorry that we will not be working with him for a while because he did arrange for the solution of a long standing problem with the lighting on part of our estate. The firm of electricians he instructed, Frontline, were very impressive. They spent time identifying the problem and executed the work efficiently and with minimum disruption, working well into the evening to complete the job.

Mrs M A - Northiam Mgmt (402)

Sincere thanks for the speedy response. (We had the patience to comment on and analyse their proposed lease and mem and arts whilst they were going through the process of granting new leases with extra complexity due to live work nature of the units. We reviewed new 999 year leases to be granted in an unusual live work development with a history of litigation. Many useful clauses adopted).

Ms F - Fawe Street (403)

Dear Emma, Thank you for the prompt reply. It is truly reassuring to know that we have a responsive address in these situations. (The hallway and emergency lights were off in the building so we sent an electrician to look at the situation on site. There was a stabbing in the doorway at The Ruby Lounge, a commercial unit at the bottom of the site so we looked into seeing if we could secure the site).

Ms L - Royal York Mansions (404)

Thank you Lee, no further issues. It feels so much better with you on board already! Many thanks.

Ms O - Dyne Road (No. 15-17) (405)

Dear Mary-Anne, Many thanks for the email regarding visitor parking at the Point, it is indeed good news, this along with the possiblity of a relaxation of the parking regime in Eccleston Road should make life a little easier for everyone. (We achieved results with the planners to get extra parking spaces on site. It was a new build site where previously the Council had not wanted any visitor parking).

Mr G - Eccleston Road (411)

Very very well done Jake. Very professional. Took a lot of stick from me, kept your cool.

Mr W - Anabelle Court (430)

That is brilliant! As I said, I think that Ringley has provided the best service we have ever had. Many thanks for all your help!

Ms R - Andersens Wharf (397)

I want to thank Mary-Anne and Lee for their help in resolving the issues. I'd like to express my gratitude to Lee, both he and Mary-Anne have been excellent in sorting out my problems. I know from speaking to many owners that they're happy with Lee, in particular his quick responses to queries and emailing back the same day he receives the email. 2010-2011 was disastrous due to auditing problems but Lee is now on top of things. I appreciate Mary-Anne spending the time to look into the issues, she's obviously a very capable lady.

Mr C - St James Place (391)

Many thanks for your prompt assistance with all this it's much appreciated. (Jasper helped another department to close down issues).

Mr K - Wandle River Bank (410)

Hi Mary-Anne, Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to reply, out of the 4 Management Companies I emailed you were the only one that replied, if I ever have to recommend a Management Company to friends and family it will definitely be yours. Thank You.

Mr W - N/A (409)

Wow Girish. Very nicely put. You have made it perfectly clear. I can see why you have been put into communications. Excellent clarification. Thanks a lot.

Mr W - Innes Lodge (389)

Nothing like complete efficiency, it's amazing, they ought to pay you more.

Mr Y - Tarling Road (431)

Leo was very helpful, nothing but praise.

Mr Y - Tarling Road (432)

Dear Nicholas I just wanted to thank you and your team for springing into action for us over the recent power cut at Andersen's Wharf. I think you all performed brilliantly and as all residents would have hoped for.

Mr K - Andersens Wharf E14 (416)

Nick, Many thanks to yourself and Luke for the swift response. You have done the maximum you could have under the circumstances and for that I am very appreciative.

Mr R - Andersens Wharf (396)

We feel good about moving forward and hope that Mark and Lisa can make the improvements that we and Ringley want.

Mr C - Valiant Square, Bury, Ramsey (392)

Keep up levels of communication - thanks to Nicholas for spending time to talk over charges/projects on the phone last week. Please keep up the momentum on improvement projects

Ms R - Trinity Close (393)

Thanks very much again for sorting out payment so promptly. We appreciate your pleasant helpfulness and efficiency.

Mr T - 221 Randolph Avenue (388)

I would like to add my personal support to Emma and your team as they do battle with Royal York Mansions to make up for the neglect it's suffered in past years.

Mr E - Royal York Mansions (408)

Hi Nicholas, Thanks for all the update. That’s brilliant re the cleaners for the outside. That’s brilliant re the window redec etc, I think it is badly needed. Also, very pleased about the new gardeners. Thanks for update again. I am going to let the directors know all this positive information you sent me etc. PS gates working a treat so far, and zapper no longer temperamental like it was! So far so good!

Ms D - Hanley Road (386)

I can assure you that there is great appreciation to Emma's efforts. It is clear to us that the challenges are great and that all work will be done in full accordance with the law and with all effort to act in good faith. The vast majority of leaseholders understand this and despite previous disappointment, would like to see you succeed and to assist you wherever possible.

Ms L - Royal York Mansions (407)

We would like to congratulate you for the valued and outstanding work carried out by you and your team in the new management of Trinity Close.

Mrs Y C K - Trinity Close (385)

Again many, many thanks for all your patience, help and professionalism over these last few months. You've been a great source of support which in itself has also lent some small comfort in what has been quite a horrible time for us. Thank you.

Mr P - Gloucester Court (387)

Good news, well done and thanks. (First there were 19 flats, then there were 22 (after the FH built 3 new flats in the basement). Our job was to re-base the service charge percentages to get a proportion due from the new flats thereby reducing the percentage for the old flats. We could see that the block was originally 3 types of flat but the percentages all over the place and not fair to unit sizes. So the detective work started. Wanting to save the cost of a measured survey, first we tried to track down lease plans and even with some cutting and sticking we didn't get enough. Then we trying the planning portal website but insufficient plans were available. So we tracked down the freehold purchase surveyors measurements but the 3 new basement flats were not included. So we tracked down the Freeholder's architect to get the plans/dimensions of the 3 new flats. The result 3 flats are now paying lower service charges).

Mr H - Saxon Hall (412)

phew!!!! We got there!!!.......... I don't know how to thank you... you were first class and great in your help!... Good luck! (Mary-Anne was elected professional director of the management company after 5 years of LH disputes, 2 arbitration awards and a threat of the freehold management company being struck off following a 'works project' that went out of hand. After 3 months of mediation a conciliatory deal was negotiated to put this neighbourly disaster behind them).

Ms T - Compayne Gardens (No.77) (406)

Your work was highly appreciated and I feel very much at ease. You were the right person to deal with it and well done to you and Ringley for resolving the noise issue as it has been on-going for years.

Mr G - Trinity Close (384)

The noise upstairs has been going on for years and now it's nearly sorted so well done, your work is much appreciated. I appreciate you keeping us updated too. It gives me so much confidence that somebody was able to solve it.

Mrs G - Trinity Close (383)

Luke, all your hard work is appreciated

Mr M - Fairlight Court (382)

Jasper spoke to Miss S after a system error meant there was a problem with payment she had made. He got the information for her within the hour and she appreciated his response and resolution.

Miss S - St Dunstans (380)

Cheers Girish, I appreciate everything you're doing

Mr A - The Meads (378)

It was good that Ringley came on board, I'm happy that things are getting done to move forward so the building can be restored to its former glory. Owners appreciate the work Ringley is doing as the site needed a lot of work being done to it once handed over to Ringley to manage. (Feedback at an AGM).

Mr P - Trinity Close (379)

I'd like to thank Emma for her help in removing the sofa from the bin store. She went above and beyond the call of duty and got some good quotes which would save money for removing it via the council. The way she communicated made it easy for me to know what the situation was and this was very helpful.

Mr G - Mayesbrook Manor (381)

You are a great service manager, I appreciate all the work you do. The proposed budget is great, certainly swings and roundabouts, some costs down some up... but overall very good.. thanks Katie. I have to say you did a great job of getting the shed set up and the railing in front.

Ms Y - Heathcroft (Moors Walk) (376)

I greatly appreciate you following-up with me about this.

Mr M - Tarling Road (375)

After assisting Leo in the Ringley Legal Department, Leo commented – “I feel Lisa done a great Job not only working in tandem with me on the litigation but for the site and ironically for the leasehold owner in debt. Clarity to detail and site knowledge was impressive. I feel that knowing your stuff about site issues, clarity and attention to detail and basic care are a service to the client anyway-so all these were there by Lisa.

Miss H - Aspen Green (377)

From cash flow perspective, the block has made good progress. Ringley collected £46,000 of cash contributions from Genesis Housing Association (largest leaseholder with 30 flats in the block) in the first three months of their management. This compares to £18,000 which Genesis paid over a 12 month period immediately before 1/11/11.

Mr G - Geneva Court (374)

Dear Mary-Anne and Lee, Have felt a bit shell-shocked after Monday, so a bit of a delay in saying a most sincere thank-you for all your help. I really feel it's the beginning of the end, so let's see what the next five weeks (or less!) bring. Speak soon. (After 6 years living in a property with no maintenance, falling lumps of masonry, being denied insurance claims, gutters and downpipes overflowing, Clair found Ringley. It was a difficult hearing and like most people who can't buy the freehold and have no fellow leaseholders to help claim the right to manage, the Court Appointed Manager is the last resort).

Ms W - New Site Won (373)

Thanks Lisa, Other than the parking I have no other issues so would like to thank you and all at Ringley for managing and maintaining the development in a professional and efficient manner.

Mr W - Kenway Works (372)

Dear Katie, A couple of quick compliments. Visitors parking much improved - one or two rogues! New fencing much improvement to the site - we were cheated by the builders!

Mr M - Grange (The) 264 London Road, St Albans (371)

Hi Girish, Thanks for the feedback, excellent service. Cheers and Happy New Year. The owner told us that nobody on site had a parking permit, so we re-worded a document to reflect this to avoid any parking confusion on site.

Mr H - Harris Green (368)

Hello Girish, Good talking with you again, even though in unfortunate circumstances. Thank you for your letter as promised, you are a man of your word.

Mr A - The Meads (369)

Girish, you're a very friendly and approachable person, thanks for listening and taking on board my comments.

Mr A - The Meads (370)

Hi Jason, Got messages from Sabrina & builder who said he would come in the first week of Jan. That coupled with your email has made me feel content that the cake eating fur covered squatters will be a thing of the past! Thanks for your help and enjoy the holidays! We arranged for a builder to come and help an owner who noticed squirrels eating food.

Ms B - 94/96 Cecilia Road (359)

I think Ringley have been good for the block and have tried to make what is a really difficult situation better. I am a reasonable individual and also fully understand that further litigation will not resolve the long term problem. I am grateful for your thoughts. We helped. Following unsuccessful major works one flat arbitrated against the freehold company resulting in a £20,000+ charge on the freehold title. The block appointed our Managing Director Mary-Anne Bowring to be a Professional Director to the company, run mediation between the parties, enter into a settlement agreement and collect contributions from all parties, else the block would have been indefinitely 'blighted'.

Mr P - 77 Compayne Gardens (362)

Due to post being stolen, we changed the locks as it was a security concern. Sabrina, the Property Manager of the site, met with the locksmith on site ensuring all owners received new keys. This was all arranged and carried out in two days, in the week before Christmas. A quick turnaround leaving owners very happy.

Mrs B - Centreview (Management) Limited (363)

Dear Shabana, Thank you for all of your prompt assistance in dealing with this emergency. We helped sort this out within one week, a water leak was coming down an electrical light. We were also working to fix the ceiling which had collapsed and repaint walls.

Mr M - Carter Lane (77) / Carter Court (366)

Dear Mary-Anne, Just to let you know we had a very productive meeting at Innes Lodge, attended by Shabana, Jason and 7 leaseholders of Innes Lodge. This was really helpful, and we feel we have identified a number of actions that can move us forward. Can I also say how impressed I was by Jason's communication with the group (who were angry) - he was extremely calm and patient, and took pains to summarise everything that was decided so that everyone understood. I just wanted you to know how good he is.

Ms L - Innes Lodge (360)

Hi Girish, Thanks and all comments are noted. I have heard from Jason and also grateful to you for following this up.

Mr P - 77 Compayne Gardens (364)

Dear Jason, Many thanks for your email and I note the comments. I am grateful for your reply and assistance.

Mr P - 77 Compayne Gardens (365)

Dear Girish Thanks for the email and I note the comments. I am grateful to you for coming back to me.

Mr P - 77 Compayne Gardens (358)

Dear Lisa, Many thanks for your very quick and kind reply and explanation, it truly helped. I wish you a lovely evening.

Ms P - Mundania Court (361)

I'm so pleased with the great service we get from you when there's a problem.

Ms D - Kenway Works (356)

I do think that the responses and info coming from Ringley has improved, and I'm really pleased to get notices of Site visits etc. It's great to have a pro-active managing agent - I know so many others that are virtually invisible.

Mrs B - Centre View (357)

In winning Innovator Of The Year, the judges felt that these guys had been highly innovative in a very tough market, and praised their courage in investing in the new initiatives, when it would have been easy not to bother. In winning Community Champion of the Year, the judges liked both the detail and breadth of Ringley’s approach to community engagement and praised its statistical analysis of its efforts. They liked the fact that the firm takes Corporate Social Responsibility so seriously that it has appointed a CSR champion to monitor the firm’s efforts. (We picked up these two awards at The Negotiator Awards)

The Negotiator magazine - Award Winners (354)

The Landlord & Letting Awards are the premier nationwide private rented sector awards in the UK, and it’s great to be able to recognise and reward the best in the industry. This year’s response was phenomenal, with over 1000 entries received, so The Ringley Group has done brilliantly to win their category. (We won Innovation Company Of The Year 2011).

Landlord & Buy-to-Let magazine - Award Winner (349)

Hi Lang Thanks so much for this you have been really helpful. It's a pleasure dealing with a person who offers your levels of service. You are a credit to Ringley. Thanks again for the great service.

Mr M - Geneva Court (344)

Dear Shabana Thanks for arranging that. Many thanks for all your help and support this week. Have a restful weekend!

Mr P - Gloucester Court (345)

Thank you Girish, you’ve been really helpful to me.

Mr A - The Meads (347)

Nick, the Property Manager, stepped in to intervene when he felt the owner was getting conflicting information. There was a delay in the sale of the property and letters of claim were added. The owner's solicitor said in 2010 there was a deficit but in 2011 Ringley found there wasn't a deficit. The owner was being charged for the previous year's deficit and we corrected information the solicitor had given to the owner. Nick emailed the owner saying "I would like to defer this issue to my doorstep, as Estates Manager I feel I should intervene. I am sorry that you feel that this matter has taken a different view, and such I wish to comment myself. Our customers are important to us, and hearing you unhappy gives me no satisfaction at all".

Ms L - Granville Place (367)

Dear Mary-Anne Thanks a lot, amazingly fast excellent work.

Mr L - Randolph Avenue (346)

This winner is driven, passionate, bursting with ideas and works with the speed of lightening. I was very impressed with her forward thinking attitude, when she took on the case of a SE22 block of flats when all other surveyors had given up. This lady fought and won against a vastly exaggerated valuation set by the freeholder, eventually saving her client over £500,000. Brilliant work! (Our Managing Director, Mary-Anne Bowring was named Surveyor Of The Year at the Property Awards For Women awards ceremony, organised by The Innovative Property Show).

The Innovative Property Show - Award Winner (350)

Personally speaking, no other company is run the way Ringleys is, Mary-Anne Bowring runs a formidable company. Not only does she strive to make her business succeed she is also aware of the impact it has on the community and takes many steps to ensure that Ringley is part of the community and that they are aware of their environmental responsibilities. No other company I know of has this awareness and this is passed on to the staff via weekly staff meetings and training.

GardenFix and Kleenfix Ltd (Contractors) - GardenFix and Kleenfix Ltd (Contractors) (351)

Hi Ed, Thanks for all that. I’m sure it was difficult for you with everybody moaning, so double thanks!!

Mr B - College Court (348)

Hi Mary-Anne - Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today on the phone and for sending me the information on becoming a director. The AGM is next Friday in Putney Library and hopefully I will be successful. I must say your website is excellent and I like your open information policy and your fees for your services seem very reasonable.

Mr P - Website (342)

Dear Sir/Madam can I please convey my pleasure of today when dealing with Karen in reception. I was having a problem paying a bill via your website and telephoned your reception for assistance. She was a pleasure to deal with and explained that I should really be using my own internet banking facility, however she explained this to me with gentleness and precision. Would you please pass on my satisfaction to the powers that be within Ringley and to Karen.

Mr J - Limington Court/Cardinal Place (343)

Dear Muhammad, I have worked for Ringley for approximately 4 years in the capacity as a cleaning and gardening contractor. I can wholeheartedly say that your system of invoicing and payment is unparrelled. All costs are scrutinized prior to works being carried out and works orders issued. Ringleys then treats the contractors fairly and pays well within 28days and allows the contractor the chance to track the payment. Within your role in the finance department I have always found you approachable, fair and brutally honest and frank. When we have been asked to provide credit notes in compliance with our money back guarantees you have supported your client by chasing these, which shows your dedication to your employer, as an employer I cannot fault this. In recent times, and at the present time, we have had to undergo changes within our organisation due to matters out of our control and you have always been understanding assisting where you can-and this email is to thank you for this support. I find in your profession, especially in finance, you are hounded mercilessly and when you do things right and correctly and make us as a contractor feel worthwhile it should be applauded. Thank you for this professionalism, which gives me the faith to give 110% to Ringleys.

Gardenfix (Contractor) - Ringley Finance Department (329)

Mr M at Aspen Green called just to say thank you for getting the carpet cleaned and the fence repaired, he really appreciated this and says that you are a true asset to Ringley.

Mr M - Aspen Green (336)

On a separate matter I just wanted to mention how I have been impressed with the communication from Ringley over the last 6-9 months. Thank you to you and your staff!

Mr C - Anderson Heights (332)

Hi Karen, no problem! I was able to get into the panel and found your explanation of how I could create them really helpful.

Ms G - Contactor (328)

The email is just to say many thanks. I have now met lots of London estate agents having looked at about 25 properties. Your very helpful attitude was one of the best.

Ms A - Property Sale (334)

Mary-Anne, The Ringley Group have been shortlisted for The Community engagement/regeneration awards Award and Environmental Responsibility Award. We valued your application submission which clearly reflected the hard work that yourself and your team have clearly undertaken in going the extra mile in your chosen field. It is a great honour to be selected as a finalist.

Islington Chamber Of Commerce - Award Finalists (335)

Mary-Anne, I have to say this, as people are too busy in this world to afford compliments, your accounts department is unparalleled in any company I work for / have worked for-Muhammad is such a sweetie-please may I have him ;o)

Gardenfix (Contractor) - Ringley Finance Department (330)

I just wanted to send a short note to thank you for the letters you posted into the flats of Acol Court today as well as for removing the ladder outside. (Edward, the Property Manager of the site personally hand-delivered the letters to owners).

Ms B - Acol Court (340)

There were 116 shortlisted entries over all regions and categories (such as large or small employers). So, to win a National Training Awards marks a significant achievement. In assessing Ringley’s entry the judges were impressed by the decision the company made to look inwards to itself and its ways of operating, to commit to Investors in People and put a structured learning process at the heart of its operating. The judges enjoyed the quality of the learning materials…highly creative and showing the best practices of our profession. It should also be noted that learning in Ringley is delivered by the staff and leaders of the organisation rather than a learning and development department. In fact, it was a bit worrying for a learning professional to see such good teaching materials put together by someone outside of our profession and done so well…makes me concerned for my future but that is all the ethic of a good manager – to develop their staff. We were particularly impressed with Mary-Anne’s commitment to learning in the pursuit of greater success of the company. Now in their 25th year, the National Training Awards recognise and celebrate Investors in People accredited organisations that have delivered outstanding organisational benefits by directly linking the training needs of their people to the business needs of their organisation. Being presented with a National Training Award offers Investors in People accredited organisations: • public recognition for their exceptional training initiatives. • the opportunity to be named ‘the best of the best’ on a regional and national level. Competing for a National Training Award drives up standards in workplace learning and development by identifying best practice. (We were awarded Best Small Employer in Greater London 2011 by The Skills Funding Agency for training programmes, which included being the first property company to introduce a money back guarantee service).

The Skills Funding Agency - Award Winner (352)

Clear, concise and easy to understand financial information with no abbreviations, jargon or anything else that could confuse the untrained client/resident. So far so good.

Mr L - Hawkins Road (337)

I have been impressed with the efforts of Lisa to deal promptly with operational issues.

Mr L - Hawkins Road (333)

Muhammad, Thank you for your help in this matter, you have been absolutely excellent in your support as always.

Gardenfix (Contractor) - Ringley Finance Department (331)

My thanks again for the courteous manner in which you handled my enquiry.

Mr L - Caelum Drive (338)

Thanks Lockie, I appreciate your efforts in getting the broken door fixed.

Mr P - Millharbour (309)

Thank you for your letter advising me that Ringley have been awarded the Gold award for Block Management by The Times. Coupled with being runners up to Knight Frank in the Enfranchisement and Right to Manage awards, and a finalist in the National Training awards, Ringley have certainly had a rewarding year, with their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm being well received and recognised in a difficult market place. May I congratulate you and your staff on a very well deserved achievement and to wish you all continued success for the future.

Weston Homes PLC - Award Winner (339)

Hi Lockie, I just want to drop a quick note to you and the rest of the team for all your excellent efforts this year.

Mr M - Millharbour (314)

Thanks Charlotte, that's good to know. Can I just say I've been really impressed with everything so far, particularly the communications!

Ms N - College Court (311)

Hi Jason, I just wanted to thank you and Mary-Anne for hosting the meeting yesterday. It was probably one of the most constructive we've had for ages. I know we're a troublesome bunch so thanks for sticking with us and please also pass on my regards to Mary-Anne who did an impressive job cutting through emotional issues and giving us the range of options available in order to move on. I am grateful that she's offered to be the mediator between the two sides and am hopeful that this may settle the outstanding issues.

Ms R - Compayne Gardens (No.77) (312)

Katie promptly replies and gets things done - fantastic!

Ms W - Ashton Heights (316)

Dear Sirs, I have been in the building for 3/4 years now. I believe the cleaners and gardeners to do an excellent job. I have observed them cleaning the door frames which I was most impressed with. The whole team are really up against it as the residents do not treat the grounds with the respect they deserve. A recent spell of criminal damage to the lighting and plumbing outside number 30-35 has resulted in Ringley having to act swiftly and they have admirably done so.

Ms B - Chambers Place (Purfleet) Ph3 BlockC&D (319)

Dear Mary-Anne & Jason We have a great working relationship with Nick. One of our residents, Mr Ramsay, has commented how impressed he is with Nick's level of competence. We look forward to continuing our work with Nick in relieving the block from its issues. I am happy to report that we have already made large headway in such a short space of time and it could not have been done without our new Site Managers help.

Mr A - Freeman Ct (Woodgrange Dr) (324)

Ultimately I am glad that we have found a way forward and thanks to Mary-Anne for pushing us to a place where we can take an approach of compliance and move forward.

Ms E - Barclays Corporate (320)

Thanks Mary-Anne. Also just to say thanks for a sensible approach being applied. (We pulled the Board together to get a Zero tolerance policy on a leaseholder who kept making excuses to continue his breach of lease).

Ms E - Barclays Corporate (325)

Hi Katherine, Thank you for the quick reply, this puts my mind to rest. Also thank you for all your help throughout the year, it was an outstanding job well done!

Mr S - Shad Thames (323)

Dear Kathy, Thanks again for you in-put. Your expert handling of the situation has really put us at ease and we are very grateful.

Mr R - Elliott Square (322)

A special note of thanks to Lee Harle (Solicitor), for chairing the meeting and responding to all members of the company's queries.

Ms D - Barker Drive (321)

Mary-Anne, I have to say your staff have been extremely patient and helpful.

Ms D - Barker Drive (315)

Ringley have been excellent throughout and are excellent Managing Agents.

Ms P - Regent Mews (317)

I just wanted to say thank you for going to the property, identifying the work that was needed and trying to get it done!

Mr G - Chatsworth Road (299)

First of all thank you for your hard work and patience, which is much appreciated.

Ms D - Barker Drive (305)

Mary-Anne, your kindness is exemplary. I am overwhelmed by your wonderful gesture over my property problems, so please accept these as a small token of my appreciation. It's wonderful to have such a top bird on my side. Very best wishes.

Ms W - Middle Lane (297)

A transparent, knowledgeable and approachable attitude means Ringley Chartered Surveyors stood out as gold winners. This company has a clear vision from the top and the entire team act accordingly to ensure they are all headed in the right direction. The number of services on offer is excellent and each service can be fully tailored to adapt to the size of the site being managed, completely necessary when one considers the range of properties managed runs from 3 units to 350 units. The back office systems for budget, maintenance and accounting have been developed and designed by Ringley and as such, the fully bespoke system is totally efficient and captures exactly the information needed for a slick and straightforward operation. The MD is passionate about IT and using this appropriately to minimize procedure whilst maintaining standards, leaving the team more time to focus on the personal touch. The website is fully comprehensive and any information one might need with regard to block management is covered including templates of useful forms and downloads. The team are all highly qualified and expert and it is clear they view block management as a collaborative effort between themselves, the freeholders and the tenants – an attitude which can only reap reward for all. (We were awarded Gold Award for Best Block Management Company at The Times/Sunday Times Lettings Agency Of The Year 2011).

The Times/Sunday Times - Award Winner (353)

Firstly, thanks for all those putting effort into keeping the property up to the high standards we expect, the more effort that is put in, the more chance we have of keeping the place looking great and therefore properties holding their value.

Mr C - Academy Court (304)

Thank you for your assistance with this. Your prompt attention with this was appreciated.

Mr S - Barker Drive (306)

Great effort, minutes are first-class quality, well-done.

Mr A - Clarendon Heights (296)

My pleasure! (nice flowers), Cheers (for suggesting that as well as us sending out contact detail forms to owners, so they can update these to ensure we have their latest contact information, it would be useful if owners could update their contact details on the Gateway as well.

Mr H - Harris Green (326)

Hi Kathy, I appreciate the efforts you have put in - many landlords wouldn't have shown your integrity nor investigated the way you did. I am glad that you have managed to sort this for me as it was a concern that I may not get all my deposit back. You have been fantastic, thank you very much.

Mr D - Shad Thames (294)

My immediate reaction is that you do a very good job. I have been here for almost two years and am extremely happy and find that the fact that so much is taken care of very well contributes to that contentment.

Ms R - Thorpe Bay (The Havens) (293)

I was impressed by David's knowledge and understanding as this building was quite difficult to get the right valuation, and I felt that he understood this and I was quite pleased with the methodology that he used, which was a combination of yield and value, which a lot of other surveyors would have just used one of this methods but not a combination of both which is what was required in this instance. I also found David to be both courteous and knowledgeable as well as taking my view on board.

Mr M - Maplehill Properties (292)

Hi Shabana, Yes, Jo came to see me this morning & explained that they would leave the carpets in place whilst painting the walls & door frames & then pull it up when they're ready to proceed with painting the skirting boards - that makes complete sense. It's going to look fantastic when it's done. That's very much for helping to pull this together.

Ms A - Quastel House (318)

I would like to say thank you for re-instating the clamping system to the development. It helps keep the site tidy and looking nice rather than seeing a mass of cars parked in a free for all fashion. On a separate note, I would like to thank you for sending out a letter regarding noise complaint due to laminate flooring.

Mr W - Kenway Works (303)

Thanks for your help. I, and other residents also I am sure, certainly appreciate the attention and assistance you have provided since taking over our account.

Mr T - Vantage Court (301)

Congratulations on your website, probably the best in your field!

Mr R - Property Management (290)

I wanted to write to you and let you know that I have been very impressed with the level of service I have received. I have been kept well informed throughout recent procedures to arrange repair work... I have no doubt that there will be further issues as there are with most properties and it is comforting to know that there is someone 'on top of things' on whom we can rely.

Resident at St. Christopher's Court - St. Christopher's Court - Property Management (286)

A big thank you to you for being so helpful and for working late to help speed up our house buying. This was really appreciated by us stressed first time buyers!

Mr J & Ms W - Property purchase (284)

Thank you so much for your skillful negotiation in relation to acquiring the freehold. From our initial conversation I had great confidence that you would handle the negotiations very well. We have now completed the purchase and thank you for your efforts in smoothing the way.

Resident at Bryan Ave - Bryan Ave (285)

I would be very confident that Ringley will look after the owner's interests in managing 41 Millharbour. I have always found them to be efficient and prompt in communicating information to me, particularly in recent times re. the problems with the balcony areas. I think they supply a very good service.

Ms M - Millharbour - Property Management (291)

I must congratulate you on the excellent service provided by a member of Ringley’s staff last Friday night when a very serious water leak developed in our block... I will not hesitate to say that Ringley’s response to the crisis was second to none. In conjunction with your recommended contract plumber we managed to escape serious flooding.

Mr & Ms G - Ellesmere Place - Night Service (287)

We are grateful to Ringley, and yourself, in particular for administering this policy - it is not easy to change a culture but we are slowly getting there. Thanks once again on behalf of the board.

The Board at Antrim Mansions - Antrim Mansions (288)

Dear Nick and Team, thank you for this communication. I will be using this facility in the future. A very useful idea.

Mr A - Alliance Close (308)

Dear Mary-Anne and Lisa, Many thanks for the invitation to your Focus Group last Friday. It was good to meet some of the team and see the facilities. Thank you also for lunch and the opportunity to discuss the current issues. See you on Thursday.

Ms M - Harcourt Terrace (289)

Robert, thank you! That put a smile on my face and thanks for always being able to help me and my weird questions, have enjoyed living in that flat a lot!

Ms H - Fortess Road (307)

You do an excellent job here. Thanks for sorting out the bins, and the gate seems to work now too. The cleanliness is good too.

Mr J - Elder Court (300)

I just felt compelled to tell you how delighted the residents are with our new caretaker Mark. The rubbish area used to be filthy and it was surprising that we weren't infested with cockroaches/ vermin and now what a contrast...always tidy and spotless and organised. Further more he us so polite, friendly and hardworking...a true asset to any organisation!! Please make him aware of how much we all appreciate his dedication in making a much better environment to live within.

Ms B - Kendal (282)

The Kendal site is looking nice and it's a pleasure to see it looking lovely and clean. Having a caretaker on site is a bonus.

Ms R - Kendal (272)

I'd like to thank you for trying to drive this forward in the interests of the residents, if only all managing agents were as helpful and proactive as you've been.

Ms W - Sheridan Court (281)

May I take this opportunity to thank you all from the back office to the surveying Dept for your time & cooperation.

Mr A - Cadogan Place (269)

Ringley were extremely helpful and accommodating when I was looking to rent out my flat. They went out of their way to fit in with my schedule and offered a first class service.

Mr B - N/A (276)

I just wanted to let you know that since you completed the asbestos and fire risk assessment the sale of my freehold is now going through! I would like to thank David Field and yourself for your professionalism and the way in which you dealt with the leaseholders and kept me informed. It was a pleasure working with you!

Ms R - Leighton Crescent (265)

I would also like to tell you about my experience of talking to your receptionist, Karen. She was friendly and efficient. I really appreciated her helpfulness.

Ms C - Property Management (263)

You really have done well to reduce the annual charges. Thank you for giving such a great service.

Ms Y - Heathcroft, Moors Walk (267)

Hi Mary-Anne Further to the attached letter I received today regarding your company being awarded the ‘London Property Management Company of the Year 2010/11’ & ‘Green Champion of the Year 2010/11’, I just wanted to say congratulations on winning the awards on behalf of myself, Harriet Stern and the leadership team here at Barclays Corporate. This is a great achievement and since working with you and your team over the past 12 months, I can see why Ringley Ltd was awarded such an accolade. We wish you and your company all the success in the future and we look forward to continuing our banking relationship and assisting you and the company in achieving your goals & objectives for the company in the coming years.

Mr G - Barclays Corporate (275)

Thank you for Ringley's recent letter regarding the 'attempted break ins,' I am certainly being more vigilant and congratulations to Ringley for their recent awards - well deserved. Keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated.

Ms B - Lucas Gardens (268)

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how quickly things are dealt with. There was a smashed light in the car park (in the pathway of cars) this morning and when I got home tonight it had been cleared up - I can only assume this was done by the team who did the door handle today. Also, last year I happened to be home one day when the team were cleaning the hallway. I wondered what a noise was and when I looked through the spyhole a cleaner was cleaning on top of our door! - I'm very impressed with the attention to detail. They even pop air freshners in the hallway from time to time which is greatly appreciated. The cars for the cleaning company I see about are always neat and tidy and staff are discreet. I would also like to thank Elizabeth on reception for her help when I telephoned the other day. She is helpful and friendly and it was a pleasure to speak with her.

Ms B - Kendal, Purfleet (271)

Mrs P Pointer reached an agreement relating to purchasing a leasehold extension with the freeholder and Phyllis and her husband appreciated the assistance Lee Gregori, Mikaela Hart and David Field had in helping her out. She also commented on her husbands and herself using Ringley again in the future, a very happy client.

Ms P - Lease Extension Negotiations (259)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Lee Gregori for helping me finalize this matter. He has been very patient with me all the way through.

Ms W - Replacement Keys for a Site (258)

Hi Mary-Anne, excellent letter. I wanted to thank you personally for putting me in touch with James and for all your time and trouble.

Ms P - Harmood St Regent Mews (274)

In a world quick to criticize, just a quick note to say I had a couple of minor issues and queries regarding my service charge and ground rent accounts. I spoke to Karen, who couldn't have been more helpful, polite and efficient. If only everyone was responsive and helpful in the world!

Mr G - Leaseholder Query/Help (264)

Lisa and Julian came up with two innovative ideas to improve services at Ringley relating to credit control and account queries and were rewarded by the company with a gift for suggesting such clever ideas!

Ringley Staff - Financial Innovation (266)

Thank you for your patience and professionalism in addressing work carried out by directors.

Ms N - Legals (257)

Thanks for explaining, you are brilliant (Lisa suggested an idea to Ms A which she liked and would be happy to help with if she could, as she spends a lot of time abroad.)

Ms H - Beevor Court (255)

I received a letter and am impressed on the personal service delivered (C Y Lim was impressed with the way Mary-Anne Bowring wants Ringley to deliver a personal service. Chin lives in Singapore so this was appreciated as the property it relates to is in London.)

Mr L - Millharbour (253)

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you and your valuers for the no-nonsense way in which they handled the work we recently put your way.

Mr H - Valuation (252)

Under the previous managing agent, we weren't in control of the cashflow and because of the lack of transparency, didn't really trust them with our money. Now that we are in complete control of what our money is spent on and there is complete transparency, we are a lot happier with putting up the money for improvements. We are getting a lot more for our money and can definitely see the value in what we are spending it on.

Mr S - Templewood Gate (262)

Having direct control over the block in which you live is a huge benefit and can save you a lot of money by avoiding some of the clever ploys used by the less reputable managing agents and cutting management fees to a minimum. BlockCare 300 is great because it gives leaseholders control over things like deciding which buildings insurance provider to go with, what works need doing and which contractors to use and yet takes away responsibility for things like chasing service charges and filing accounts.

Mr K - Kings Road (261)

Muhammad, Can I take this opportunity to thank you again for the first-class service, every time we have spoken – it is much appreciated.

Mr H - Service Charge queries (248)

A personal thank you for the patience and professionalism you have demonstrated over the past 4 months. I am more than aware that Block B has taken up an inordinate amount of your time and will have impacted on your workload and caused unnecessary stress.

Ms D - Help with site (247)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work in reclaiming the monies back. It is very much appreciated.

Mr M - William Perkin Court LVT (246)

We have been experiencing the use and functionality of Ringley Panel for a number of months and find it an excellent interface between contractor and Ringley. It produces excellent time saving and removes the risk of invoices being lost in the post. Because of its transparency we are able to see the processing of the invoices on a daily basis. This is a great tool for our business as we are able to manage our finances based on the information readily available. It is the most user friendly and best upload system we are currently using. Credit must go to Ringley for such innovation. We are glad to be part of Ringley’s evolving environment.

Ms S - Ringley Panel (245)

I would like to thank Esme from accounts for all the help she has given my husband for the panel programme. She has been very efficient and professional. (Ms L, one of Ringley's cleaning contractors, wanted to upload an invoice to Ringley Panel. Esme emailed her back and later that day spoke to Lorraine's husband, taking him step-by-step through the process and the invoice was successfully uploaded.)

Ms M - RingleyPanel (243)

Excellent outcome Mary-Anne, thanks. (Planning permission achieved for the residents windows which enables us to regularise the position of all flats who have changed their windows without planning consent.)

Mr C - Heron Wharf (241)

I would like to say a big thank you to Mo for his continued efforts over the last couple of months. He is always very helpful and works hard to ensure the job gets done. Keep up the good work Mo.

Mr S - Britania Village (240)

At Last BlockCare 200! Thank you Leaseholdersupport.co.uk for providing an answer to the problem of us trying to self-manage our block of flats. In the past we have tried Property Management companies, but we always thought as a small block we were charged too much, and that there was always a bigger block on their books demanding more time and attention than us! I have tried to self-manage in the past but I admit I don't have the knowledge needed to do so efficiently! Having joined Blockcare 200 I now feel that instead of trawling through the internet every time a leaseholder asks me a difficult question, I now have the advice and support I need to solve the problem all in one place – at www.leaseholdersupport.co.uk. I also dispensed with using a separate accountant and use the on-line Service Charge accounts. I feel more confident keeping the books and I’m definitely saving time. I feel at last that I am in control of things and won’t hesitate to recommend you. I would like to congratulate you on your Blockcare 300 package. I am more than impressed with your service and even better, we now pay a fraction of what we used to pay before joining you. We took out Blockcare 300 as although we liked the idea of self-management, neither I nor my fellow directors had the time or patience to chase outstanding debt, deal with payments or sort out the inevitable problems that kept arising. Your package keeps us in control, but gives us our time back. We have found the factsheets and letters particularly useful as we have been successful in sorting out a particular noise issue with these. With your help we had a step by step instruction on how to resolve this and it worked!

Mr P - Fox Street Blockcare 200/300 (236)

In terms of service so far I have been pleased with your knowledge base, the quality of our initial conversation via telephone, your prompt responses to email and the help you have given in terms of explaining the process and setting up appointments.

Mr Y - Valuation Lease Extension (238)

Lee, thank you very much for your help. Your advice and communication has been speedy and helpful. I would recommend you personally.

Mr R - Lease Extension (239)

Please pass on our best wishes to Karen, who has been an asset to your team.

Mr M - Southern Place (233)

This is excellent news Sabrina. Well done on getting that piece of paper signed. Looking forward to your advice of the sale price.

Mr R - Freehold Purhase (232)

You are an absolute star! Thank you so, so much for all your help (went the extra mile with leak/insurance.)

Ms C - Property Management (235)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts and consistence in providing an efficient service. It has been so delightful to deal with you.

Ms L - Property Management (234)

Thank you for your great services, it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Mr H - Artbrand, Property Management (231)

It's a great relief that it's all been settled. Good that you insisted that I stick to the £17,500 rather than give in as I was about to do. So thank you.

Ms G - Sorting out an invoice (226)

I appreciate your help Muhammad in what has been a difficult, stressful, time-consuming and challenging process but we were sure from the beginning that we could give your all the evidence you needed to prove to you that this account has never been in arrears or had any amount outstanding. We are glad now to have reached a satisfactory conclusion and your help in the process has been invaluable. Many thanks to you for your efforts.

Ms D - DD Problem - Service Charge (225)

I appreciate your help in what has been a difficult, stressful, timeconsuming and challenging process but we were sure from the beginning that we could give your all the evidence you needed to prove to you that this account has never been in arrears or had any amount outstanding. We are glad now to have reached a satisfactory conclusion and your help in the process has been invaluable. Many thanks to you for your efforts. (The company was claiming money which wasn't allocated in their own account.)

Ms D - Debt choose by legal team (228)

Relates the EGM, Shabana did well. She gave a confident presentaion, answered questions competently and dealt well with some difficult emotion at the end of the meeting. I am wware from residents about the need for quality and attention to detail in going forward. She and I will work well together.

Mr R - EGM Meeting (224)

What a refreshing change to work with a company that actually cares about its performance!

Ms M - Right To Manage (223)

Congratulations on your website, it's probably the best in your field!

Mr R - Property Management (222)

Helen, thank you for your time last night – I thought you were just wonderful! Extremely professional and you handled what could have turned into a bun fight, extremely well. How I kept silent I will never know. You can see the explosive personalities we are dealing with and that this is, to some degree, personal. I am sorry because at one point they started a verbal onslaught against you which you handled superbly. You can see now our problem.

Regent Mews Resident - Regent Mews - Property Management (221)

Thanks. I was taken back by the outbursts last night. I though Helen was brilliant and defused several verbal onslaughts. Thanks for everything you have done.

Ms R - Regent Mews - Property Management (220)

Thank you for your time last night – I thought you were just wonderful! Extremely professional and you handled what could have turned into a bun fight, extremely well.

Ms P - Regent Mews - Property Management (219)

I didn't get a chance to thank David for the work he has put into the site over the last three years, in particular for me, getting the car parking firm in. We have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of problems as a result, with just a couple of frequent re-offenders that never seem to get caught! Always the way though. Good luck with his new site, and no doubt I will speak to him at some point in the future.

Mr F - Property Management Kenway (218)

We are well on the way now to being Freeholders, which should add a substantial amount to the value of our flats. Thanks for doing all this hard work, and sorry for not being around to lend a hand, but I really appreciate all of your efforts.

Ms C - Freehold purchase (215)

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks at how excellently presented the communal areas including internal and gardens are. Presentation is all important for us and it was clear that all the stops had been pulled out to get everything looking so good.

Mr R - New Mercia Proerty Management (214)

Ringley won another important victory for by extending the deadline to complete the purchase of the freehold from 14 May until the end of June.

Mr B - Freehold Purchase (213)

Katie, it was good to hear a friendly voice over the telephone.

Ms W - Unfriendly Letters & Interent Access (211)

Mary-Anne, we are so pleased we found you! Thank you so much for your comments and observations.

Ms S - Freehold Purchase (210)

I have just returned from picking up my four keys so many thanks - I really appreciate all your efforts. (Communal front door keys were changed for an unsuitable one without letting anyone know in time. We saved the day.)

Ms B - Thanks (212)

This is a very welcome development, and I am certain that it is a result of the excellent work that you and Liam Mehra delivered, not forgetting the intervention by Haringey Council's Noise Control Services. (Noise level issue.)

Mr F - Property Management (208)

Yes, that makes things clear. Thanks for your time. You have been very helpful and you were a pleasure to speak with! (Liaising with the insurance brokers relates a boiler.)

Ms C - Carter Court - Property Management (207)

I just wanted to say how helpful I found your free factsheets, so much so that I have linked to them on the 'maintenance and repairs' section on my website.

Ms C - Factsheets (206)

You have been very helpful and you were a pleasure to speak with!

Ms M - More Copper Property Management (205)

David, thank you so much for getting this matter under way! As I am emailing you, I would like to thank you for the way the flats are maintained and kept in good order. As an owner of three of the flats it is nice to know my investment is being looked after and if I can be of any help in the future please get in touch. Thank you again.

Mr D - Development Property Managemement of Kendal (204)

I'm disappointed that you shall no longer be managing Noko from May. Under your careful administration we have seen it return to something of the potential it had a few years back and I'm very grateful for all you have done. (This is a site where Ringley took over following the original developer being put into liquidation, until the new Freeholder's son decided to start a Management business.)

Mr M - Property Management (202)

Before we found Ringley, we were clearly being taken for such a ride. Please pass on our thanks to all those involved in achieving this victory in such as short period of time.

Ms S - Mundania Court - Freehold Purchase (196)

Can't thank you enough. Please pass on my thanks to your team of experts. This has been such a lengthy process and mostly because of the jargon, and no one being able to break it down in the layman's terms like you did a few weeks ago. Thanks again for everything.

Ms M - Mundania Court/Freehold Purchase (197)

This is wonderful news. Thank you very much Ringley Chartered Surveyors, for all your efforts. This is such a relief.

Ms C - Mundania Court - Freehold Purchase (199)

This is really exciting. Thanks so much, everyone who's been working so hard on this! (Freeholder was using telecoms masts on roof to frustrate enfranchisement process and Ringley overcame this.)

Ms M - Mundania Court - Freehold Purchase (200)

Wow, this is brilliant news. I have to say that I had lost my faith in the Freehold but thanks to Peter, Mary-Anne and Ringley team, this is very good news indeed. (Relates to a saving on the Freeholders Notice of £925,000 and price agreed at £356,000.)

Ms P - Mundania Curt - Freehold Purchase (201)

Mary-Anne, I am so appreciative of the hard work you and your team, including Peter, must have put in to get such an amazing result this week. It felt like the cavallry were coming over the hill at the last moment. Many many thanks

Ms S - Mundania Court/Freehold Purchase (198)

As a block of lease holders with little understanding of the law and our right to take ownership of the freehold, it is very difficult to know who or where to turn for honest, straightforward advice. Our first attempt, with the wrong lawyer and surveyor, sent down an expensive hall of mirrors as we tried uncover the facts of block enfranchisement; particularly as we had a number of telephone masts on our roof that the Landlord was insisting we included in the purchase. It wasn't until the 11th hour, in an desperate attempt to rid ourselves of a very difficult Landlord and their management company, that we came across the expertise of Ringleys Chartered Surveyors. Quickly, and without a fuss, they prepared the documentation and evidence for our appearance at the LVT (Leasehold Valuation Tribunal). We had been told to give up because we couldn't afford it by our previous lawyer and surveyor, but Ringley gave us the courage and belief to carry on, without misleading us on costs. We won at the LVT, thanks to Ringley. If you are in a leasehold block and are considering buying the freehold then my first bit of advice would be go to www.ringley.co.uk.

Mr F - Mundania Court - Freehold Purchase (195)

Excellent news. It's clear that your team have worked tremendously hard on this. Thank you, and please pass on my/our thanks to the rest of the team. Additional thanks are due to you for cutting through the jargon for us laymen!

Mr S - Mundania Court Freehold Purchase (194)

With Ringley Chartered Surveyors we today achieved a fantastic victory at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and Hamilton King/Southern Land Securities are now legally bound to sell us the freehold of Mundania Court for just £356,000! A £569,000 saving on their notice and clever strategy to force them to take a leaseback of the telcoms which they were using to frustrate the process. This is a superb result.

Mr B - Mundania Court Freehold Purchase (193)

Thank you for how efficient you were in responding and a leak getting repaired from the roof into my flat.

Ms M - Poland Street Property Management (192)

Thanks, it looks to me as if the case is won. In which case, congratulations! This owner, as we know, has a history of poor payment. Thanks for your efforts.

Mr B - Property Debtchase by Legal Team (191)

I take this opportunity to thank you not only for the professional way you dealt with it but also for the support and assistance you provided. Should I need any legal assistance in the future regarding our properties I assure you I will be using the good services of Ringley.

Mr G - Leasehold Guidance Service (189)

I take this opportunity to thank you not only for the professional way you dealt with my lease extension but also for the support and assistance you provided. Should I need any legal assistance in the future, I assure you I will be using your good services.

Mr G - Lease Extension (190)

Many thanks for organising and attending the AGM it was good to meet again. You have done a fantastic job in managing our estate in 2009 and I look forward to working with you in 2010. We really appreciate the hard work you and your colleagues have put in to get our estate back on track!(Site was previously owned by CPM and lessees felt neglected by them as their estate was not to satisfactory; door entry system was in disrepair, accounts were in a mess etc, all of which was turned around to satisfactory by David Moorer and our team.)

Mr H - Property Management (186)

I have no hesitation in saying that the services provided by your company brilliant. Being a landlord I always have an issue in your neighbouring area (Coniston Avenue) for keeping it up to the scratch, but with Kendal I never had any issues, even renting the place out. Infact the rents didn't even decrease in that part, which obviously is very important for any landlord. So guys keep up the good work.

Mr M - Kendal, Property Management (184)

George arrived at Bream Close at 11:30 and spent a whole two hours looking into the problem – I hope I haven’t got him into trouble for spending as long as he did! Seriously though I would like to pass on my comments that I thought he was extremely professional and handled a difficult situation very calmly, and also stuck up for Chris whom Mr Ladipo claimed “didn’t have a clue” when something she stated about the rising main indeed turned out to be true.

Mr G - Heron Wharf, Property Management (185)

Shahina and Stephen, we are delighted we have approached Ringley for the extension of the lease of our flat. In the last six years we have approached directly the freeholder without any results. We are now pleased we left it to the proffesionals. Although we were a bid apprehensive using the online service we found how easy it is. There is always somebody at the other end of the phone to explain to us the procedure step by step, making legal matters sound very easy. Once again thank you for your assistance and support.

Mr G - Efficient/professional service (182)

I have always been an advocate of Ringleys, believing that you guys would pull it round, you just needed a clean slate. We appear to moving forward so well done and thank you.(Lift repair.)

Mr B - Property Management (180)

JASON YOU ARE SO EFFICIENT!!! (There was a tight deadline on year end accounts and the accountant needed extra data to close the books - but the property manager had left and the new one was still getting their bearings. So Jason sent them the a copy of the lease and insurance documents, even though it wasn't his site. It was much appreciated with the client).

Rouse (Accountants) - Accountants - Property Management (179)

I read up on it last night on the Ringley website last night, good site! (License to assign information on our website.)

Mr W - Property Management (178)

Many thanks for your prompt and efficient handling of these matters - very much appreciated indeed.

Ms B - Property Management (176)

Crown Wharf has improved to a satisfactory state and is being well managed by yourselves.

Mr & Ms K - Crown Wharf - Property Management (177)

I found your webpage detailing s20 major works consultation process very helpful and would like to thank you for making this information available in the public domain.

Mr B - Britania Village - Property Management (175)

At the Management Committee Meeting of Nash House last week, the subject of tenants came up. There was nothing but praise for one of the tenants and the successful vetting done, and I thought I would like to pass this on to you. So, Well Done!

Ms M - Nash House, Lettings Management (174)

Many thanks for your e-mail and for faxing the insurance policy accross to the mortgage company, hopefully now it is reoslved. Thanks again for your assistance, you have been really helpful.

Ms G - Property Management (172)

I thought I would send you a note to say thanks for a change! The new assistant to Mayo is a great addition. He always gets up and says hello and he seems to have had lessons from Mayo on how to be eternally smiling! Even the new security guys seem to want to interact with residents. (HR Management of porterage staff at Omega Works.)

Mr P - Omega Works Property Management (171)

Over 11K obtained via debtchase! Wow! (In a mansion block over £11,000 service charge and major works money was collected following debtchase procedure including obtaining a court judgement enabling a Section 146 forfeiture notice to be served and after significant negotiations the lender being forced to pay to protect their security.)

Ms N - Avenue Mansions Debt Chase (170)

Even though I am a solicitor myself, when I found out about Ringley I wanted to use them for the whole lease extension process because they made my life a whole lot easier in dealing with initial surveys to establish value, negotiation and even registration of the relevant documents. They were really thorough and offered a comprehensive service that made the whole process easy to understand and took away any stress. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone else.

Mr P - Lease Extension (169)

Thank you so so much for your help. You made what seemed to be quite a messy issue, look very simple.

Ms R - Alexander house, Property Management (167)

I thank you for your help and the speed with which you have replied to me, in relation to the LTA procedure.

Ms S - Property Management (163)

Thank you so much for all your help in getting the damage in our flat finally repaired. All is well now let's hope there are no more leaks! It's always a nice surprise to find someone answering emails so efficiently, and actually giving you the feeling that things are organised well! I felt it was worth sending a 'thank you' card.

Ms G - Property Management (164)

Shahina, thank you for being so helpful and efficient at the same time. I shall wait further communication.

Ms S - Helpful and effectiveness (162)

Robert and his team have done a great job in letting up the building (Camden Island) so well.

Mr A - Camden Island,Lettings & Management Team (161)

I was talking to someone yesterday who was singing your praises Shahina - Andreas from Manor Properties. You are very efficient.

Ms K - Survey Team Valuations (158)

It is good to know that Ringley is addressing the Waters Edge Community problems, and in doing so, maintaining the standard of the Community.

Mr F - Waters Edge - Property Management (159)

I just want to relay my appreciation for the levels of service that I receive from one of your employees; Shahina Begum. I often find myself liaising with Shahina in order to arrange valuations & various other issues and am pleased to say that she is extremely efficient, friendly & courteous in everything that she does, and will always go the extra mile which is why I want to bring it to your attention. From the viewpoint of a client, I would like to say she is an asset to your company and hope that you do all you can to reward her efforts.

Mr C - Survey Team Valuations (157)

I must say that the letting of the building whilst your client has owned it is impressive. (A compliment from the head of Auctions At Jones Lang Lasalle.)

Mr A - Camden Place, Lettings & Management Team (155)

Thank you so much Mary-Anne for taking so much time to help on Saturday. The car finally disappeared mid afternoon, but we really don't want that situation to happen again. Any or all of your proposed solutions would be very helpful.

Ms H - Randolph Court, Property Management (168)

Muhammad, you have been most helpful in dealing with the unpaid bill and our property lately.

Mr O - Property Management (153)

Katie, thanks for your help as always. You are such a star and it's nice to have someone on board who gets things done.

Mr C - Clear View (152)

Just like to say again that the service your company provides is top notch as you are always on the ball and its very nice to see this. (Faulty washing machine.)

Ms T - Service during Christmas (closing period) (151)

I would like draw your attention to some excellent service I received from David Moorer. A few months ago I reported to Mr. Moorer some water damage occurring to facia boards, he promptly called me back the next day to get further details and to assure me a contractor would visit to rectify the problem within a few days. I was called by the contractor the next day who requested further information and directions to the property, now that is service!

Mr H - Excellent service from Ringley (150)

Please may I thank you and your team for putting together your Ringley Panel. As a sole trader the ease of being able to create and send my invoices direct to your office is a great facility as I am able to do this at my convenience at what ever time I like. It's great being able to view my invoices on your system, know that you have received them and see that they have been authorized and should be paid shortly. The manager column is very useful as I am able to see who I need to chase for payments on each invoice. I find the system very easy to use and very informative.

Mr W - www.ringleypanel.co.uk - Property Management (149)

I am writing with regard to the new payment system. I wanted to let you know how much easier and efficient it is now that we are able to log on and check past and present invoices for payment. The information sheet sent through was very straight forward and informative and we found it easy to log on and check invoices.

Mr B - Property Management - www.ringleypanel.co.uk (148)

I wanted to say thank you for organising for the elevator in King Regents Place to be fixed so quickly. I was expecting it to take days (if not weeks!) I appreciate that you sent someone to site immediately and also ordered the parts quickly. Much appreciated!!

Ms L - King Regents Place, Property Management (139)

Thank you for the prompt and excellent service that you provided to us.

Mr S - Valuation (147)

Finally, I wish to thank you and David, as well as anyone else that was involved in carrying out this valuation, for the prompt and excellent service that you provided to us.

Mr S - Survey Team Valuations (141)

I cannot praise Devin enough, he really helped with the situation and I am very happy knowing that I can speak to him about any future problems in the knowledge that he will be helpful and responsive. He took ownership of a complex situation and did a fantastic job. This mirrors my own feelings of his performance thus far and although there is always room for improvement, I am very happy with his progress to date. As far as I am concerned, he has set the benchmark of what can be achieved by new employees (within in a relatively short space of time) with the right attitude, training and guidance.

Ms D - Property Management (140)

Thanks for replying so quickly. I wish everybody was this efficient. (They needed 34 leaseholder statements to complete a deal and we delivered.)

Ms S - Property Management - Amicus Horizon (138)

I was very pleased with the way you handled the plumbing situation in what was a very stressful time for me.

Ms D - Quick response time (137)

Gary, I understood from the AGM that Ringley were being replaced - for which I am sorry as I don't think they gave Ringley a chance and on a personal level I have found yourself and Shahina very responsive at all times - even if everything else has taken an age.

Ms M - License to Alter (135)

I would like to thank David and 'Noma' for their support during the works that were recently carried out in my flat.

Mr S - Maintenance - Anderson Heights (130)

Shahina, thanks for all your work, appreciate the swift turn round of valuation reports and keeping me informed of progress at all times.

Mr R - Harbut Road, Survey Team Freehold Purchase (131)

What a lovely message to greet me on my return from holiday. Your strategy and your correspondence was absolutely spot on and I can't thank you enough - very well done.

Ms E - Lease Extension (133)

Karen, this is just to thank you for seizing the initiative while I have been on site for the past few weeks and pressing so many things forward. The difference made to the property is enormous and draws comment from all associated with it, e.g. our letting agent and resident leaseholders. (Karen arranged a Site Visit to tie in with Dr C's flying visit to England, from Australia. She also supervised the works off the Site Report while Dr C was still in London to see the works done).

Dr C - Compayne Gardens, Property Management (129)

Thank you very much for your very sound advice on both fronts. My lease extension is obviously in very safe hands.

Ms E - Lease Extension (132)

I would like to commend Shahina very highly for her telephone manner, efficiency, helpfulness and politeness in arranging the appointment for an inspection.

Ms T - Property Survey Team Valuations (128)

Please could you pass on my thanks to David Field for preparing the report in such a short amount of time.

Ms J - Property Survey Team Lease Extension (127)

Gary, many thanks for the update and for resolving the plumbing problem. Much appreciated.

Mr I - Sloane Avenue Mansions Property Management (126)

Thanks Deb , the Board has previously noted that you personally can be relied on to meet agreed commitments, just want you to know that you are appreciated! (Replacing windows at Heron Wharf).

The Board, Heron Wharf - Service (124)

I am a resident of Paynetts Court, a complex which Ringley Property Services manages. I wanted to write to you to let you know about the outstanding service which one of your employees offered me. I have recently had a few issues with regards to my property which needed resolving and found that despite not being in charge of Paynetts Court, Gary Kane on your team, went above and beyond what was necessary to help me sort out my problems. He was efficient, professional and friendly at all times and I was thoroughly impressed by him! I must say that I don't generally go out of my way to compliment or complain about service but thought I would make an exception for Gary - it is so refreshing to come across someone who is passionate about customer service and willing to go the extra mile to help.

Ms S - Property Management - Paynetts Court (122)

May I just take this opportunity to say that I actually miss having Karen as a contact! She was always a great help to me.

Ms F - Thanks (121)

Many thanks for getting the quote for us. I am very impressed with the way you help us with your suggestions and seeing it through for us! Thank you for this.

Ms O - Property Management (120)

Thank you very much Stephen - my extended lease has just arrived!! I appreciate both Mary-Anne and your Solicitors help in this matter.

Mr L - Property Lease Extension Full Service (118)

Although a property man, I wanted to hand over my lease extension to professionals who concentrated on such work. I was impressed by their service from the beginning to the very satisfactory result at the end! The outcome was exactly as they predicted.

Mr L - Property Lease Extension Full Service (119)

Firstly, thank you for an excellent and well written piece on Buying your Freehold, found on the leaseholdguidance website. My name is Kevin Burgher, and my 2 colleagues and I have recently had a surveyor to value our properties with a view to purchasing the freehold. I have written twice to the freehold owners with no success, and would thus like for you to possibly take this matter legally forward for us.

Mr B - Property Freehold Purchase (116)

Maxine, you have always proved to be really helpful towards me and always have a lot of time for me, which I very much appreciate.

Ms P - Sale of a property at Ellesmere Place (115)

You are an angel. Thank you for giving me that peace of mind. Have a lovely weekend.

Mr A - Property Management (112)

Not all blocks are able to conduct their own management because the freeholder nominates the managing agent. This LeaseholderSupport site is a brilliant resource for people that could consider buying their freehold and installing their own block management arrangements such as LeaseholderSupport.

Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practicioners - LeaseholderSupport : BlockCare 200 (188)

Thank you for resolving my refund promptly. Rachael sorted it out on the day I rang and I was very grateful.

Mr D - Property Management (117)

You know everything there is to know about lease extensions.

Mr T - Property Lease Extension Full Service (110)

Kelly, thank you very much for your prompt response. Your email was very helpful as it summarised all the payments since the apartment was bought.

Ms L - Property Management (109)

Thank you for your prompt reply. Very efficient and most appreciated.

Mr M - Penrose House, Survey Team Defects & Repairs Management (107)

Thank you for kindly clearing this up.

Mr V - Property Management (106)

Thank you for your assistance.

Ms M - Outstanding Arrears (103)

Thank you Lang for your help and advice over the telephone.

Mr D - Help & Advice By Reception (102)

You have been most helpful.

Ms T - License to Alter (101)

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am very pleased to hear you are dealing the matter, getting rid of obstructions in the common parts.

Ms K - Property Management (98)

Thanks for thinking outside the box... I just hope this kind of service continues.

Mr A - Property Management (99)

Thank you for emailing the letter and newsletter so very promptly. You certainly sound very knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and competent - all the attributes strongly needed at Sloane Avenue Mansions! I shall looking forward to talking to you again, so please do keep in touch. My thanks for your interest and help - it is very much appreciated.

Ms M - Sloane Avenue Manisons, Property Management (97)

Thank you for all of your help. You have been so nice to work with and you have understood our needs.

Mr L - Sloane Avenue Mansions, Property Management (94)

Louise, Thank you ever so much for being understanding with what happened. My Bank said that you will receive the payment on Monday.It was very nice to speak to you. Muchas gracias por tu atencion.

Ms M - Sloane Avenue Mansions, Property Management (95)

Thanks for the update Louise.

Mr A - Pringle and Clover House - Property Management (93)

You really are doing an incredible job in making progress in organising Sloane Avenue Mansions.

Ms & Mr B - Sloane Avenue Mansions, Property Management (92)

Thank you for your swift reply and help.

Mr B - Help with noise complaint (89)

Louise, it does appear that the relevant parties have finally pulled a finger out, and that offending areas have dried out. Thank you very much for your help.

Mr C - Property Management (91)

I am very grateful to you for everything that you have done for the block and we will all be really relying on you to get us competitive quotes for the communal redecoration costs.

Mr L - Antrim Mansions - Property Management (86)

Kelly, thank you very much for helping to sort out my Service Charges.

Dr Q - Property Management (83)

Thank you very much indeed, Ms. Berwin is most appreciated.

Dr T - William Perkin Court - Property Mangement (82)

I really appreciate your prompt communication and your kind attention over the tele-conversation.

Ms M - Sloane Avenue Mansions - Property Management (80)

Thanks for the prompt response and help in the sale of my property.

Ms W - Caraway Heights, Property Management (78)

In respect of my lease extension negotiation, I think you handled the deal very well and I found the service very efficient.

Ms L - 84a Savernake Road - Survey Team Lease Extension (76)

The rear patio has been cleaned and renovated and the rear storage areas all cleaned up. It looks great - such a vast improvement.

Mr H - Driftway, Property Management (75)

Thank you so much! May I have time to peruse carefully and get back to you. This is exactly the information I required.

Ms H - Property Lease Extension (74)

It's the first time I've seen anything like this. I bank online, now I can manage my property the same way. Brilliant! (Leaseholdersupport prototype.)

Mr J - Leaseholder Support ; BlockCare (187)

Thanks for your help in sorting out my lease extension.

Mr W - Property Lease extension Full Service (63)

Thank you very much for being so efficient. Thanks a lot.

Ms D - Portsea Place, Lease Extension Full Service (5)

Thanks very much for your help today with my service charge stuff - it's all clear now!! It's very much appreciated.

Mr C - Millharbour, Property Management (10)

Personally I would like to thank you for your approachability when things have been difficult and for the responsible way in which you have kept us informed. It has meant a great deal.

Mr H - Camden Place, Property Management (3)

Excellent!! Heartfelt thanks all round for your assistance in sorting out the padlock situation.

Mr W - Property Management (71)

Just a quick email to thank you and your other collegues for the efficient and caring service in relation to the purchase of my property.

Mr F - Uxbridge Road, Property Sales Team (40)

Profuse thanks for your consummate handling of last nights meetings. Best wishes and may you continue in your energetic management.

Mr J - Property Management (41)

Thanks so much for that. It's a real relief for me! You continue to impress me greatly with your customer service and I really hope it's recognised by your managers.

Mr C - Roman Road, Survey TEam Valuations (20)

Wanted to feedback to say that Shahina Begum was particularly helpful and offered a very high level of customer service. I really felt that she was aware of my case by name and was responsive in keeping me informed at all times. Thank you.

Ms M - Property Survey Team Valuations (2)

I wanted to drop you a line to pass on my thanks and let you know how fantastic Louise Berwin has been in the way she's handled the recent issues over concerns the residents had about the relocation of rubbish. Apart from actually taking the time to listen, after what has been a distressing couple of weeks, Louise acted promptly and I've been impressed by her sensible and understanding attitude. If Louise had been involved at an earlier stage, I'm sure that we could have been saved a lot of unnecessary upset and worry.

Ms B - Antrim Mansions, Property Management (43)

Thank you very much for your swift response in regards to my lease extension query.

Mr O - Property Survey Team Lease Extension (39)

Finally and most importantly, a HUGE THANK YOU to you and all of your team for your help in not only the sale, but also in a very stressful purchase. I can't say how much Mat and I appreciate your help, and you know that I will recommend you to absolutely everyone!

Ms L - Property Sales Team (19)

I would like to meet when you get back and discuss with you where I am going with this project, as you seem to be the only person able to give me really incisive advice.

Mr M - Sherwood Hall, Freehold Purchase (8)

Thank you for your assistance in checking whether my direct debit details had been received. It is refreshing to find someone who does what they say they will do. Thanks.

Mr A - Property Management (67)

I am telephoning to thank you for the excellent service which Ringley provided to us recently. Your surveyor, Greg Brooks, did a survey that pleased not only myself as the vendor, but the solicitors as well as the new purchasers. As a result of this excellent service, I would like you to carry out a further survey for me, personally and have recommended you to my Agents who will contact you should they require your excellent & professional services.

Mr G - Survey Team Defects & Repairs Management (18)

Thank you for your reply, I am glad to hear about the new window cleaning initiative that has now been implemented.

Mr A - Chaucer Way, Property Management (59)

Thanks for your comprehensive reply to my year end account queries.

Mr B - Property Management (35)

Wale, thanks for the great service. I really appreciated you sending me copies of the letters that I requested.

Mr L - Property Management (54)

Thank you for understanding my frustration relating to the parking spaces. Your response was very detailed and offered a real solution.

Mr L - Retreat Way, Property Management (60)

Please accept my gratitude for the highly professional approach demonstrated by you and MBM Ringley during the recent sale of my mother's home. As you are aware, it was a sensitive situation. I especially appreciated your special attention to my mother, she greatly appreciated your help and support during this time.

Mr C - Church Road, Property Sales Team (21)

Many thanks for sending the copy of the policy so promptly - and when I needed it the most.

Ms R - Enbourne Lodge, Property Management (51)

Thanks very much for this information. We know that the work on the flat has commenced - so hopefully things should become clearer. Thanks again for your help, I know there are many issues that you are dealing with!

Ms C - Property Management (28)

Hi Ruth, received the letter today and already the car park is much better. Thanks for your speed in turning the letter around. Once again, thanks a lot.

Ms G - Vanderville Gardens, Property Management (27)

I would like to thank MBM Ringley for their assistance in the completion of the purchase. I found that the advice we were given, and the level of interaction, was of an exceptional standard. Calls were answered professionally, quickly and where necessary, were returned promptly. The staff, and in particular, Mr Robert Maxwell, afforded my wife and I an excellent service and made conscious efforts to ensure that all factors of the purchase were communicated to us as soon as possible. We were given sound advice where it was required and our opinions were sought freely without prejudice. I would recommend them to buyers and sellers where honesty is a premium and high professional standards are a requirement.

Mr C - Lady Margaret Road, Property Sales Team (22)

Thank you for your help in regards to the leaking pipe in one of the flats. Because of your letter, this matter is being resolved. Many Thanks.

Mr J - Friars Close, Property Management (50)

Many thanks indeed for your positive ideas regarding the much needed rennovations to the property.

Mr B - Springfied Court, Property Management (31)

I would like to thank the Ringley Repair team, for their swift action and for forwarding the recorded letter to the flat above me. As a result of this, we were able to resolve the problem.

Mr A - The Pinnacle, Property Management (29)

Thanks Wale for letting me know what actions are required by the current and new owners in order to settle the account and register the new owners on your system. Many thanks

Mr P - Hurst Park, Property Management (49)

Thanks very much for replying. It largely clears up my concern as to who was liable for the redecorations. Thanks again.

Mr S - Chaucer Place, Property Management (48)

Thank you for looking into my enquiry about putting up a satellite dish. Your response has enabled me to come to a decision in regards to this matter. Thanks.

Ms K - Antrim Mansions, Property Management (58)

Many thanks to you and Stewart for organising and hosting last night. I thought we had an excellent meeting. Have a good holiday!

Mr W - Property Management (26)

Good news! At last after all these years we seem to be getting somewhere on these recurring debts. Many Thanks.

Ms C - Randolph Avenue, Debtchase (30)

Many thanks for this information. I never knew parking problems could be so technical.

Ms T - The Pinnacle, Property Management (23)

Just to say "THANK YOU" for sorting the issues out. All is fine now.

Ms H - Tarling Road, Property Management (15)

Thanks for the survey report - very helpful and thorough.

Mr W - Survey Team Valuations (14)

Thanks Wale for getting your legal officer to look over our draft Gardener Contract, it was really appreciated.

Mr P - Hurst Park, Property Management (47)

Thank you very much for contacting the DVLA and arranging for the untaxed cars to be removed. I really appreciate the fact that you dealt with this issue - even though it was not your responsibilty.

Ms S - Vanderville Gardens, Property Management (61)

I would like to say thank you very much for your help whenever it has been asked for. We wish you well in the future.

Ms L - Hurst Park (44)

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, I really appreciate it.

Mr W - Property Management (12)

Following the last directors meeting I thought I should write to express my personal appreciation for the work being done by Wale on behalf of both the Residents' Companies. He has come a long way since he was first introduced to us, at which time he probably wondered what he was letting himself in for! I have to say it is a pleasure to liaise with him knowing that things will be dealt with effectively and efficiently. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to maintain his successful relationship for some time to come.

Mr B - Ellesmere Place, Property Management (36)

Thank you very much Wale for arranging for the electricians to be here today and ensuring that all the lights will be working by the time they leave.

Mr G - Christchurch, Property Management (45)

I wish to thank you for the support and assistance you are giving us in our times of trouble.

Mr R - Park Grange, Property Management (13)

Good to meet you today - thanks for your time.

Mr D - Sapphire (33)

Great solution regarding the cover for lift maintenance.

Mr B - Porchester Court, Property Management (37)

Many thanks for your efforts on our behalf in obtaining payment. As you can imagine, we are all very pleased that this particular matter has been resolved.

Ms R - Priory Road, Debtchase (17)

Brilliant, thanks for getting the letters sent out to the leaseholders and for continually keeping me updated.

Mr S - Butterfly Court, Property Management (62)

Hi Ruth, many thanks for dealing with the arrears issue, it seems that you have everything in hand, thanks for keeping me updated.

Mr S - Butterfly Court, Debtchase (64)

I had the wonderful surprise this morning of taking the car out of the garage and seeing that the overflow of water has been contained. No water wastage any more. Thank you very much.

Ms W - Caraway Heights,Property Management (38)

Thank you for your help in removing the rubbish that had been fly-tipped while I was away. Also for arranging for the cleaners to remove the graffiti from the dustbin shed doors it was a real eye sore! Many Thanks.

Mr J - Friars Close, Property Management (46)

I would like to thank all concerned for your splendid efforts in clearing up so many of the arrears. No previous managing agent has got anywhere close to this result. I am only too aware that such tasks can be particularly demanding on patience.

Mr J - Debtchase (55)

I would like to thank the team at Ringley for the work in chasing up the arrears successfully in the first half of the year.

Mr G - Debtchase (56)

Wonderful. Thank for getting the glass removed so quickly - it went at about 2 o'clock. I am sure everyone will be relieved at that. Many Thanks.

Ms P - Antrim Mansions, Property Management (72)

Thank you for responding so promptly to my request regarding the entrance doors. They have been adjusted today and it is bliss.

Ms L - Ellesmere Place, Property Management (42)

This is just to say thank you for your excellent report, which went beyond what I was hoping for and appears to be just the job. It was also very quickly seen to.

Mr B - Charlton Kings Road, Survey Team Valuations (6)

I must congratulate you on the excellent service that one member of Ringley's staff provided to N.C. last Friday night. A very serious water leak had developed in one of the flats. I will not hesitate to say that Ringley's response to the crisis was second to none. With the plumbers first class support, N.C. escaped serious threat of flooding.

Ms S - Nevilles Court, Property Management (65)

I wanted to write to let you know that I have been very impressed with one of your employers, namely Ola. In recent months there have been various issues within our block (elevator not working, lights, television aerial etc) and Ola has been most helpful. He has always kept me informed and in particular been most helpful with the recent installation of the outside light. It is comforting to know that there is someone 'on top of things' we can rely on. Thank you.

Mr W - St Christophers Court, Property Management (69)

I am writing following the trial to thank you for your input. Whatever the outcome, I do believe that the evidence you gave was very good. As you know, we remain convinced that the steps you took in reaching your valuation were entirely reasonable.

Mr H - Survey Team Valuations (9)

May I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your assistance in attending Court. Your valuation evidence was crucial to the case and, as I have said, was not at all diminished by cross-examination.

Mr D - Jackson&others v Marsden, Survey Team Valuations (7)