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Property Management Packages

BlockCare 100 : Property knowledge and tools free to all
BlockCare 100 is… FREE knowledge and tools. Helpful guides on-line covering all typical property management and management company issues.
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BlockCare 200 : DIY Software to self manage your block
BlockCare 200 is… Property Management Software to help you run your block. Enter your budget and owners percentages and you can create compliant demands on-line, log expenditure and print out your service charge accounts. There’s lots of helpful guides on-line covering almost everything else.
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BlockCare 300 : Leaseholder support demo
BlockCare 300 is… Financial and legal administration for smaller developments (flats or houses) to support self-management.

Our role is … to run the demand cycle so your demands are compliant, collect the arrears and put monies in a bank account just for your site. We also deal with Companies House (Accounts, filing and annual return) and legal packs and share transfers when properties sell. You as the Property Manager will arrange the repairs, then like on-line banking you’ll log on and instruct us who and what to pay. We can then prepare the year end service charge accounts legally required if there are 5 or more service charge payers from the log of money in and out.
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BlockCare 500 : Ringley Gateway Demo
BlockCare 500 is … Common parts block management to organise what needs to happen on site (insurance, cleaning, gardening, repairs etc..) and to provide 24 hour emergency assistance. You get a dedicated Property Manager to consider the lease, plan reserves and set a strategy for your site.

Our role is … to solve problems, give advice, act on your wishes, to propose the budget/manage the finances & ensure legislation is complied with. We will also visit site to check on contactor’s work and show your service charge information and all invoices we pay on-line. By collaborating closely with you as owners/residents we believe the best results are achieved.
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BlockCare 1000 : Site TV and Site Staff HR Management by Ringley
BlockCare 1000 is … Common parts block management with HR for high end blocks with complex facilities/plant, site staff and multiple service charge schedules. It is for the sites that either need us to put a Manager on-site or to be on site weekly/fortnightly. We’ll install Site TV (a real-time link via a TV on-site) enabling us to engage and communicate housekeeping policies and maintenance updates as they happen. BlockCare 1000 can also encompass change management programmes, ie, re-organisation of site staff roles/mix as well as inspection/attendance for insurance claims.

Our role is …. To solve problems, lead you strategically, financially and in terms of plant/services upgrade/renewal programmes. Naturally, we’ll organise what needs to happen on site (insurance, cleaning, gardening, repairs etc..) and provide 24 hour emergency assistance. We’ll stand as Line Manager for site staff, appraise and develop them and provide visibility on their roles. Your dedicated Property Manager will be able to articulate complex issues to assist your decision making and formulate sound long term strategy.
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