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Ringley’s BlockCare 500

Block Care 500

BlockCare 500 is … Common parts block management to organise what needs to happen on site (insurance, cleaning, gardening, repairs etc..) and to provide 24 hour emergency assistance. You get a dedicated Property Manager to consider the lease, plan reserves and set a strategy for your site.

Our role is … to solve problems, give advice, act on your wishes, to propose the budget/manage the finances & ensure legislation is complied with. We will also visit site to check on contactor’s work and show your service charge information and all invoices we pay on-line. By collaborating closely with you as owners/residents we believe the best results are achieved.

We are instructed to ensure all residents are aware of what the lease/transfer says and to try to mediate and occasionally ask people to abide by the rules. After all, these rules are intended to protect all and encourage happy communal living. The lease/transfer also sets out other legal requirements and sometimes we have to arrange specialists to ensure things like fire risks are managed.

Ringley offer 100% transparency through the client “Gateway” section of our website. You can visit your online account 24/7 and see all of the above and more. Or, of course, please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any specific questions.
At www.ringley.co.uk you can see your account and with your user name & password, you can:

  • Set up a direct debit
  • See payments made and future demands due
  • Read reports from recent site visits
  • Review the budget
  • Review the reserves plan (if a reserve fund is part of your lease)
  • Receive guidance on subletting and alterations to your property
  • Download a copy of the building insurance policy (if we arrange it)